MetroKitchen Cooking Terms Glossary #6 – Tempering to White Stock

Finally, here is our final installment of the MetroKitchen Cooking Terms Glossary series!

Tempering – 1) heating gently and gradually  2) Refers to the process of slowly adding a hot liquid to eggs or other foods to raise their temperature without causing them to curdle 3) Refers to a process for melting chocolate

Thickening Agent – ingredients used to thicken sauces, includes starches (flour, cornstarch, and arrowroot), gelatin and liaison.

Tomato Sauce – a leading sauce, mother sauce, made from tomatoes, vegetables, seasonings, and white stock; it may or may not be thickened with roux.

Velouté  – a leading sauce, mother sauce, made by thickening a white stock (either fish, veal or chicken) with roux.

Wash – a glaze applied to dough before baking; a commonly used wash is made with whole eggs and water.

Whipping – a mixing method in which foods are vigorously beaten in order to incorporate air; a whisk or an electric mixer with its whip attachment is used.

White Stock – a light colored stock made from chicken, veal, beef, or fish bones simmered in water with vegetables and seasonings.

Nifty Appliance Gifts for the Thrifty

Capresso Coffee Maker

As the holidays approach if you are like me, you begin to rack your brains on creative gifts for loved ones. Metrokitchen offers some excellent gifts that will put a smile on your loved ones face without putting a dent in your bank account. The following items are only a few of the goodies found at Metrokitchen that are both great to have and inexpensive.

For the coffee drinker in your life you might think about the Capresso CM200 10 cup programmable coffee maker. This is made by the same company that makes espresso makers that run over $2000.00 yet this coffee maker is nicely priced and very reliable!

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MetroKitchen Toaster Guide & Review


Some things are just special.  To Julie Andrews they included “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”.

To me “smell” can evoke powerful memories. Everyone remembers the smell of Crayola crayons. It is as powerful a memory of youth as anything that exists.

The smell of toast is another one of those smells of youth. The toaster is the simple machine which not only toasts but also makes memories appear whenever you want them.

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Dear MetroKitchen: Do you carry nonstick cookware that will work on induction?

Swiss Diamond Induction Nonstick cookwareMost of the traditional stainless steel cookware that we sell will work on induction burners, including All-Clad and American Kitchen cookware.  Many of these brands make some pieces with a nonstick coating.

If you are looking for dishwasher-safe, metal-utensil-safe nonstick cookware that is also induction compatible, you want to go with Scanpan CTX or Swiss Diamond’s induction line.

Copper Cookware Guide

2008 09 02 173Copper Cookware, especially French copper, evokes thoughts of fabulous foods, wonderful smells and Paris.  Certainly many collect and use it for its beauty.  It does give a warm glow to the kitchen.   For serious cooks, copper is the choice because of its incredible cooking performance.   Of all the metals used to make cookware–aluminum, stainless steel and various alloys, copper is king.  It heats and cools more quickly than other metals (except silver, but that’s a bit too soft and expensive to use for cookware).   The rapid responsiveness of copper cookware means chefs can exercise extreme control over what they’re cooking.  For example, turn off the heat and instantly the heat drops,  food stops cooking, bacon stops sizzling, sausage stops frying, vegetables remain crisp.

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Save $50 on Wusthof Classic 10 inch Super Slicer knife…November only! $99.95

Wusthof Classic super slicerJust in time for the holidays…a knife that’s perfect for a huge number of holiday cutting tasks.  The Wusthof Classic super slicing knife has a reverse serrated edge, so it can easily slice crusty breads into even, consistent slices.  It’s perfectly balanced too.  That means easy cutting when you want to carve extremely thin slices of turkey, beef or pork roasts.

The slender blade of the Wusthof Classic super slicer can even be used for desserts.  It’s great for cutting cakes without mashing them.  Try it for frosting cakes too!  Because of its long blade, you can rapidly create a smooth or decorative surface.

As with all Wusthof knives, the Classic Super Slicer is made in Germany and has a lifetime warranty.

Save $50 off the regular price — $99.95 until November 30.   Makes a great gift too!

Save $50 off the regular price — $99.95 until November 30.   Makes a great gift too!

Dear MetroKitchen: What’s the purpose of John Boos Mystery Oil?

Dear MetroKitchen:

What’s the purpose of John Boos Mystery Oil?  How often and when should I use it?

John Boos Mystery Oil is used to keep wood from drying, cracking and warping.  You may apply Mystery Oil on any wood food preparation surface such as butcher blocks, cutting boards and counter tops.  Mystery Oil is a combination of mineral oil, linseed oil and tung oil so it is not harmful.

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All-Clad MC2 on Sale – Save up to 40% off

All-Clad MC2 Cookware on SaleIt’s that time of year:  the annual All-Clad MC2 cookware sale is on at MetroKitchen through June 15th, 2011!

Now is the best time of the year to shop All-Clad MC2 cookware with savings of up to 40% off the regular price. Spring is the best time of year to check out all your kitchen inventory and see what may need to be replaced or upgraded. Several different items are on sale in this collection, including fry pans, stock pots, and even some cookware sets.

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It wouldn’t be Christmas unless I’m eating…Squirrel Brunswick Stew? Cristollen?

Christmas MealWe are a rather varied group at MetroKitchen.  Ranging from all American mid-westerners to native Atlantans to 1st generation Cuban-Americans.  We even have a naturalized US citizen born in Haiti, a 2nd generation of Polish descent and a New Orleans transplant.

As you might imagine, we have interesting discussions about our Christmas traditions, especially food.  In fact, those discussions are what led to this blog post!
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Oprah® Loves Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Oprah Kyocera Ceramic Knife SetFor our Oprah fans, she picked this Kyocera ceramic knife set as one of her “Favorite Things” for 2010.  The Kyocera ceramic knives she selected are a practical and reasonably priced kitchen essential.   One thing that’s great about these ceramic knifes is that they rarely need to be sharpened.  And, when it finally needs to be sharpened after many many many uses, if you send your knife off to Kyocera, they’ll sharpen them for FREE!

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