Wusthof Panini Knife Review | Sharp Pick for October

Wusthof Panini KnifeThis month’s Sharp Pick is the recently introduced Wusthof Panini Knife.  The knife features a sharp, serrated edge that is perfect for slicing through toasted breads while protecting the delicious meat inside.   Like other Wusthof knives, it is forged from a single piece of steel and has in incredibly sharp, long lasting edge.  The slightly off-set handle is designed to protect knuckles and provides optimal leverage during use.   Available in Classic and Classic Ikon (shown) styles, you save $10 on the retail price of  in the month of October.

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Have I ruined my All-Clad pan?

The MetroKitchen customer service department fields this question quite a bit. Even performing a simple Google search of burned all-clad pan yields several results.  Earlier last Summer, we noticed this tweet from Chef Paola Petrella where she was ready to toss out her All-Clad pan after accidentally burning some pasta!

Twitter _ Paola Petrella_ Burnt my pasta to death! m ... - (Build 20090824085414)

It happens even to the most skilled chef like Chef Paola.  But never fear!  There’s a good chance that if you’ve burned some food to your All-Clad pots and  pans, it can be saved. [Read more…]

Wusthof Tomato Knife – Wusthof’s Sharp Pick for September

Today we’re introducing our Wusthof Sharp Picks feature, which will profile special prices on select Wusthof knives for the month.  A great way to introduce this new feature is with the Wusthof Tomato knife.

If you’ve ever used a paring knife to slice a tomato, you know how sometimes you can end up squishing it a bit while trying to get the blade to pierce the skin.  It’s not that the knife is dull, one assumes, but that skin is a little tough to get through. [Read more…]