Scanpan Square Saute Pan: A Kitchen Lifesaver

square sauteI’m a busy working mother of two very energetic little boys. 5 out of 7 nights I cook a healthy & hearty meal for all 3 boys in my life….my oldest child being my husband, of course! This used to be fairly easy, but now they all have very distinctive tastes. So, I’m always trying to come up with something that will please them all. While constantly searching for fun & new recipes, I’m also always looking for the easiest ways to cook in my kitchen. Well, I think I’ve found my answer…it’s the Scanpan Classic 4 1/4 qt. Nonstick Square Saute Pan. This pan is amazing! Not only is it the perfect size for cooking for a family of 4, but clean-up is the easiest thing ever! I cook everything using minimal fat or oils and nothing sticks to the surface. The sides are high enough to control any splatters that may occur from stirring or sautéing your food. It also has a very nice & flat bottom so that food lays flat & cooks evenly. The glass lid is a plus too…it keeps the food nice & hot while allowing you to peek at the dish to ensure that it’s cooking properly. Last night I cooked 6 pieces of fish…after sautéing the fish in some coconut oil, I then removed it to make a little wine & lemon sauce to pour over the fish. I cooked down wine, chicken broth, lemon & capers until they reduced slightly. Then I poured the sauce over the fish. Simple, yet delicious! All 3 boys devoured every bite! Then I washed it out in less than a minute…nothing to scrape or soak. You can put these pans in the dishwasher, they are that tough…I just choose not to wash any of my cookware or knives in the dishwasher…I save all that room for my kids many cups & plates. Tonight we may just have turkey tacos, but this pan will ensure that the meal is wonderful & that I won’t be spending lots of time cleaning up after dinner when it’s time to end the day & get the crazy boys to bed. Now, if I could only find something this reliable to clean the bathrooms…hum…

Snowpocalypse 2014

CIA Nonstick Muffin Pan

We are lucky enough to live in the South and enjoy some amazing weather most of the year.  However, there are exceptions to the rule… 100 degree days in the summer & snow/ice storms in the winter.  We haven’t had any bad winter weather in 3 years, but now it has happened to us twice in the past 2 weeks.  It’s fun to enjoy the snow with the kids, but they get cold way too fast and then we have to think of other things to do.  This go around, we decided to cook!  First we made Lucky Charms cupcakes. Yes, it sounds pretty gross, but the little boys were in heaven!  I used the CIA Bakeware 12 Cup Nonstick Muffin Pan to bake these delicious cupcakes. [Read more…]

Fresh summer vegetables = good eating!

zucchini boysMy favorite part of long summer days & fun times spent with family and friends is feeding them all delicious summer vegetables that I’ve grown in my own garden. Every year we grow tomatoes (mostly heirloom, beefsteak & plum), peppers (from jalapenos to bell peppers), cucumbers for salads & smaller cucumbers for pickling, blueberries, zucchini (some of the fastest growing & largest I’ve ever seen this year) and other random veggies that we want to “try out”…this year we “tried” to grow carrots…not so successful!

After being at the beach for a week, we arrived home to an almost overgrown garden thanks to the pretty much daily rain we’ve been receiving in Georgia this summer. After seeing our crop, I immediately starting perusing the internet to find something yummy & delicious I could do with my wonderful veggies.

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Soft-shell crabs – All-Clad Electric Skillet Style

Frying soft-shell crabs in the All-Clad Electric Skillet:

All-Clad Electric Skillet

My family hails from New Orleans, home of fabulous food, especially seafood! So, when aunts & uncles come to visit us in Atlanta, what do they bring? Delicious seafood, of course!! When my family came to visit a few weeks ago, they brought some incredible soft-shell crabs…my mom’s favorite! Only problem was, how were we going to fry up 15 soft-shell crabs to feed our huge family? Naturally, with the All-Clad Electric Skillet. We thought of buying the All-Clad Multi-Use 6qt. Fry Basket to use with our All-Clad 6 quart Stock Pot, however, it would take us too long to fry all those crabs! So, we decided to go with the All-Clad 6 quart Electric Skillet instead. It worked perfectly! We filled the skillet up about ½ way full with canola oil. Once we turned the skillet on, the oil heated up in no time at all. We were able to fry all of them in 2 batches due to the large surface area the skillet offers. The crabs were absolutely delicious! One of the best things about the skillet was that we could plug it in anywhere in the kitchen & it was out of the way of the other things we were cooking in our kitchen. The easy to read temperature control kept the oil evenly heated & brought the oil back up the correct temperature when the crabs were added. There was very little mess even though we were frying in oil. The skillet was deep enough to hold the oil & the crabs & have minimal splattering. The lid also worked wonders & enabled our delicious crabs to get nice & golden brown. The best thing about the All-Clad Electric Skillet was the clean-up…it was a charm! Once the power cord is detached, the skillet can go right into the dishwasher for the easiest clean-up ever! It definitely beats attempting to clean those old pesky deep fat fryers!

I highly recommend this skillet to anyone looking to fry yummy seafood like I did, or if you want a classy way to cook eggs for a house full of out of town guests! You’ll definitely do it in style with this All-Clad Electric Skillet!