11 Thursdays ’til Christmas! Economical & Easy Gifts Under $100

by Lynn October 9, 2014

As we count the Thursday left until Christmas, we’re also counting what we can spend on gifts this year. Here are some ideas based on a few popular items that are less than $100.

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Only 12 Thursdays Left until Christmas!

by Lynn October 2, 2014

As the temperatures drop a bit and leaves begin to fall, attention turns to…OMG…Christmas! Can you believe it?  Today is only 12 more ThursDAYS ‘til Christmas??  Yep, Thursday, December 25.    I was at dinner last night with a friend who told me that she has most of her holiday shopping done….already!!!  I certainly felt behind. […]

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A “key” that will age your wine, great hostess gift!

by Lynn December 22, 2013

All of our friends love the Peugeot clef du vin wine key!   After an initial bit of skepticism, a quick taste test convinced everyone.   The wine key  “ages” a glass of wine by one year for every second you leave the key in the wine.   For $79.95, that’s a great deal. We tried the Clef […]

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New Wusthof Gourmet NCAA Steak Knife Sets Now Available at MetroKitchen!

by Lynn November 30, 2013

Seems like all of us have absolutely devoted college sports fans in our lives.  From the PAC10 to the SEC to the Big 10, these dyed in the wool Gators, Huskies, Dawgs or Tigers fans love their teams.

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Made in America: USA Bakeware

by Lynn September 17, 2013

I love this USA Pan bakeware.  Food just slides right off making cleanup very easy instead of a chore!  We’ve been involved in the food business for eons.  We’ve tried lots of different types of bakeware from many different companies.  USA Pan tops them all!  You can feel the strength of the pan as soon as you hold it.  We love the fact that […]

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New USA Pan Cookware on Sale Now!

by Lynn August 30, 2013

We are thrilled with our newest brand of MADE IN USA cookware for so many reasons…..

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Victorinox Cutlery Review & Guide

by Lynn August 26, 2013

I am an avid reader of cooking magazines.  I love the photos, enjoy reading the recipes (even if I’ll never make them) and of course, really appreciate the product reviews.  My fav is Cooks Illustrated because of their  somewhat “scientific” and logical approach to making the best possible recipe as well as thoroughly testing products. […]

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MetroKitchen Glossary: Cooking Terms Part 1

by Lynn June 11, 2013

MetroKitchen experts often get questions about the definition of a variety of words or descriptions related to cooking. We thought you might find a glossary of cooking terms to be helpful. Since there are soooo many terms, we’ll do a few blogs to make it easy. ​If we’ve missed a cooking-related word that you’ve always wondered […]

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Dansk Kobenstyle Review & Moroccan Chicken Recipe!

by Lynn May 1, 2013

We love these new/old Dansk Kobenstyle enameled pots and pans.  We love how easy they are to clean and we love how light they are to handle.  Most of all, we love how they look!   Depending on how old you are, you may remember them at your Mom’s or at a friend’s table in the […]

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An American Treat: Mom’s Applesauce Loaf Cake

by Lynn November 16, 2012

When you’re in the mood for a dessert that’s as all American as apple pie, but is not apple pie, try my Mom’s Applesauce Loaf Cake recipe.   It’s always a favorite of my family and hopefully yours will enjoy it too.   For a full all-American experience, the American-made bakeware is a great way to bake […]

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