All-Clad Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

by Romane April 15, 2014

Mixing bowls are items that are probably in every person’s cabinet, but the average person doesn’t generally think of them as an essential kitchen item unless they’re an avid baker. However, the All-Clad stainless steel mixing bowl set is useful for much more than simply prepping dough for baking cookies.

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Japanese Knives vs. German Knives: Who Has the Edge?

by Romane February 17, 2014

The Japanese have a long history of making blades and an honorable track record for their samurai sword making methods.  Today they are also known for their kitchen knives. In my opinion, their kitchen knives are like mini samurai swords. They are sharp. The Germans are no slouches either when it comes to making knives. […]

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All-Clad Double Burner Grill Pan Review

by Romane May 24, 2011

A lot of people out there love summer.  People like me.  I love warm to hot climates.  Your wardrobe is minimal, it feels good outside and feels better outside at night.  Lots of friends and family events are always going on.  Plus the beaches are always welcoming if you can get to one.  The subtle […]

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Krups BeerTender B100 Review

by Romane March 25, 2011

Gulp, gulp, gulp… ahhhhh! Picture this – you are having a get-together with some friends and/or family.  It’s one of those parties that involves a sporting or competitive event.  You know:  the Super Bowl, March Madness, a singing competition finale or the hoops championship.  And the right type of food is being served. “The right […]

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Coffee Talk-Capresso Z5 vs Krups 7230/7225

by Romane January 15, 2009

Capresso Z5 vs. Krups 7230 or 7225 Let me first start off by saying that I am not a coffee expert by profession. However, I do have love a good cup of java. The two coffee/espresso machines that I am going to give my review and compare are both great. I’ll start with the Capresso […]

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