NEW Capresso Coffee a la Carte Review – Coffee & Tea from the Same Machine!

Coffee and Tea from the same machine.  Single serving or a carafe.  How did they do it?

Leave it to the folks at Jura-Capresso Coffee and Espresso Machines to give you the answer. Jura AG, founded in Switzerland in 1931, and Capresso, founded in the U.S. in 1994, joined as Jura-Capresso to make automatic coffee centers.  All Jura-Capresso Automatic Coffee Centers are made in Switzerland. Under the Capresso banner, the company makes innovative coffee makers, espresso machines, water kettles, and coffee grinders. It is one of these machines, the Capresso Coffee a la Carte, that we want to share with you today.  

Using its innovative cup to carafe brewing system, you can brew a full carafe or an individual custom cup of either coffee or tea! Includes separate tea filter for rapid brewing.

Features include:

Quick-heat pump brewing system which enables the first single cup to be brewed in less than 60 seconds.

Completely customizable brewing and size options.

Programmable small cup, large cup, and tea buttons.

Quick brew, rapid steeping tea system.

Brews 42 oz. carafe in less than 6 minutes.

Also available at are several cleaning and other types of accessories for Capresso machines.