Kyocera Ceramic Knife Guide

Kyocera Ceramic CutleryKyocera ceramic knives have some of the sharpest and most long-lasting edges in the world. Chefs love them because they don’t require frequent sharpening and they’re also impervious to damage from elements like moisture, oil, and acid. So, of the three series of Kyocera knives that we carry at MetroKitchen, which one is right for you? In this blog I’ll point out the differences between their knife lines and styles.

Kyocera Revolution

Kyocera Revolution Ceramic Knives
Kyocera Revolution Ceramic Knives in White

The Revolution series from Kyocera features a hard ceramic blade with a curved tip and black poly handles. Like all of Kyocera’s ceramic knives, the blades have extremely sharp, smooth edges that stay sharp for a long time, despite regular use. They slice through fruit, vegetables, cheese, and boneless meats with little effort.

Revolution series knives are also lightweight and have an incredibly comfortable handle. The handle is smooth, rounded poly and overall these knives are very light and easy to use.

We offer Revolution cutlery from Kyocera with both white and black blades.

Kyocera Classic

Kyocera Classic 5.5 inch white cook's knife
A Kyocera Classic series 5.5-inch chef’s knife

The Kyocera Classic Series features ceramic blades with pointed tips that resemble more traditional cutlery,  rather than a rounded tip like the Revolution knives.

The Classic series also has a handle made from wood and resin that gives the knife a good weight as well as a wonderful appearance. The combination of wood and resin yields great durability together with an attractive wood grain appearance on the exterior.

Kyocera Kyotop

Kyocera Kyotop Series Ceramic Knives
Kyocera Kyotop Ceramic Knives

The Kyotop Series from Kyocera have pointed ceramic blades like the Classic series, however they have harder blades that keep a sharp edge for even longer because they use a different type of ceramic. They also have a Damascus finish on the blade for an elegant look.

The handles on this series are similar to those on the Classic series, but they feature a slightly different shape. Like the classic series, they’re made from a long-lasting combination of hardwood and resin.

Kyocera Peelers and Slicers

A nice alternative to ceramic knives, Kyocera peelers and slicers have blades that are made with the same long-lasting ceramic as their wonderful ceramic knives. These peelers and slicers make work in the kitchen much easier when you’re preparing fruit and vegetables.

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