Age Wine in Seconds with the Clef du Vin Wine Aging Tool

Clef du Vin Wine Aging ToolThe Clef du Vin wine aging tool really does age wine!   I was a bit skeptical (well, actually, VERY skeptical) when I saw it demonstrated at a show.    It’s supposed to “age” a glass of wine by one year for every second you leave the key in the wine. I thought, “Yeah, right, like that’s going to happen”. But, stunningly, in 5 seconds the young red wine tasted like it had 5 more years of age on it!

You’re probably thinking what I did -– how can this little key with a tiny metal circle really age a glass or even a bottle of wine—must be a gimmick.  After trying it at home, I can report that the Clef du Vin is NOT a gimmick.  It really works.

The first time we tried the Clef du Vin was with a mid-priced, two year-old Italian red that we should have waited another three to five years to drink.  Amazing.   In 5 seconds the wine was great.  We drank it all – no need to find a cooking use for it.

We even tried it on cheap wines,  (yes, even a box wine).  While the wine tasted a little better, even the Clef du Vin could not improve it much. As the Clef du Vin’s manufacturer says, it’s not a magic wand.  If the wine is going to age well, you are going to get to experience the future flavor and smoothness of the wine today.  If it is not going to age well, like with the box wine we tried, you will know that right away too. Thus, I am still not a convert to box wines, but it did smooth the wine out a bit!   We’ve taken the Clef du Vin to restaurants, while traveling and even at some wine tastings.   It performs every time, as long as we use it on wines that have the ability to improve with age.

One thing I did wonder about was …what was the little bronze colored metal circle on the key adding to the wine?   Nothing.    The metals in this little circle just create a reaction that’s similar to what naturally happens when wine is aged in the bottle.   No chemicals or additives are going into the wine.

One thing to remember, if you leave the Clef du Vin in the glass too long, the wine starts to lose its character, just like wine that is left to age too long.  You can experiment with how many seconds it takes to get the taste that is pleasing. Want to try a little more age, just put the Clef back in for another second – you don’t have to start fresh with a new glass of wine.  So it’s really simple and quick to get the taste you want from every new wine you try.

It’s easy to use.  It’s easy to clean with a little hot water (no detergent, cleansers or dishwasher).  And, the Peugeot Clef du Vin has made our 2009 holiday shopping a breeze. Every wine lover on the list gets a Clef du Vine wine aging key!    They will love this wonderful thing every time they use it.