Dear MetroKitchen: Help with Copper Cookware Discoloration!

Mauviel Copper Cookware Set

Why are my copper pots easily becoming discolored and what can I do about it?  

Copper is a very beautiful metal but also requires regular maintenance to keep it from looking tarnished and discolored. Just touching copper can cause it to look green or black. However, restoring copper cookware is rather simple with the right cleaner.

French cookware manufacturer, Mauviel, has a cleaner called Copperbrill. You first want to clean the copper cookware with soap and warm water. After the cookware is cool, use Copperbrill and a soft cloth to gently clean the exterior. It is an easy process that makes the copper look new.

MetroKitchen also sells Copper Glo, which works well on stainless, brass and, of course, copper. Made from the manufacturers of Bar Keeper’s Friend, Copper Glo is a powdery type substance that you mix with water to clean cookware. It removes stains rather easily without dulling the finish of cookware.