Dishwasher-Safe Nonstick Cookware

Nonstick cookware makes for easy clean-up. A great reason to buy it! The disadvantage is that most nonstick cookware requires wood or nylon utensils and is not dishwasher safe. When you want durable, dishwasher-safe nonstick cookware, take a look at these brands. Scanpan and Swiss Diamond nonstick cookware are the best and most durable nonstick pots and pans you can find.

Scanpan vs. Swiss Diamond

Scanpan nonstick cookwareThe secret in the durability of Scanpan and Swiss Diamond cookware is in the materials in the nonstick cooking surfaces. Scanpan nonstick cookware comes in three lines (Classic, Professional, and CTX) that all use the same ceramic titanium nonstick surface. Ceramic and titanium are both extremely hard materials. So, as you can imagine, Scanpan’s nonstick cookware is extremely scratch and heat-resistant.

One benefit of Scanpan’s cookware is their variety of different styles from which you can choose. The Classic line has a welded-on handle, while the Professional line features riveted handles. Their CTX line is special in that the entire exterior of each pan has a dense layer of magnetic stainless steel, which makes them compatible with induction cook tops.

Swiss Diamond nonstick cookwareSwiss Diamond nonstick cookware uses a combination of microscopic diamonds and state-of-the-art and PFOA-free nonstick material, PTFE. Diamonds are the hardest material known to man – even harder than ceramic. They’re also great heat conductors. As a result, Swiss Diamond’s cookware isn’t just tough against heat and scratches, it also heats up very quickly for easy sauteing and searing, unlike traditional nonstick cookware. Swiss Diamond produces two styles of their cookware, one of which is induction compatible.

I use either Scanpan or Swiss Diamond several times a week, with a variety of utensils (metal, wood, nylon) and almost always put the non-stick pot or pan in my dishwasher.  I have never had any problems with peeling or flaking.  All of my Scanpan and Swiss Diamond pieces remain in very good condition, even after 5 years of hard use.

Nonstick and ease-of-use:

Cooking with Scanpan and Swiss Diamond is also very convenient. Most foods release very easily from the cooking surface and unlike other non-sticks, you can actually get food to brown in these non-stick pans.  That means more flavor in your cooking!

Swiss Diamond is, as you might guess, made in Switzerland. Scanpan is made in Denmark.  Both have lifetime guarantees, assuming normal use and proper care. Right now you can try a Scanpan pot for less than $100.  Link to SP sale page?

Both lines are fantastic non-stick cookware brands and will be a welcome addition to your kitchen.