Edgeware Electric & Manual Knife Sharpeners Guide

Edgeware SM-50142 Ceramic Edge Gourmet model
Edgeware SM-50142 Ceramic Edge Gourmet Model

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Edgeware electric and manual knife sharpeners use the most modern materials and designs for optimal sharpening. In this blog I’ll go over the most important benefits of the different Edgeware sharpeners that we carry and explain how they can help you keep your cutlery working perfectly.

Electric Knife Sharpeners

Three of the Edgeware electric models that we carry use only a single electric stage. Their single-stage models can perfectly sharpen both sides of a knife simultaneously because they feature interlocking wheels. This makes them incredibly easy to use and perfect for maintaining the ideal edge angle on your knives. You don’t have to switch the side of the knife that you’re sharpening or make sure that you’re holding it at the right angle;  the machine does that work for you by design. They have made it so simple to use one of these machines that it’s probably more difficult to use them improperly than it is to use them properly! The models from Edgeware that use this type of stage include these three:

Edgeware SM-50069 Diamond Edge 3-stage model
Edgeware SM-50069 Diamond Edge 3-stage model

For die-hard fans of multiple-stage sharpening or for those who want a great sharpener at a low price, Edgeware also offers a two-stage sharpener, the SM-50069 Edgeware Diamond Edge 3. This model has a coarse and a fine stage and each stage allows you to sharpen the sides of a knife individually. This gives you more control over the final result of your sharpening. It’s also available right now at the super-low price of $57.99!

All of the Edgeware electric models are able to sharpen the hardest steel knives with precision because they use either super-hard ceramic or diamond wheels for sharpening. The type used by each model is designated in the model name. Both ceramic and diamond are harder than steel, so each one is ideal for sharpening steel cutlery.

For additional sharpening and polishing, each of the Edgeware electric models features different manual stages in addition to the electric stages. Each one features at least one manual stage for serrated knives and for polishing sharp knives. The  SM-50006 and SM-50142 models also have manual scissor sharpeners that are perfect for kitchen shears!

Manual Knife Sharpeners

Edgeware SM-50084 Diamond Elite manual sharpener
Edgeware SM-50084 Diamond Elite manual sharpener

We carry two manual sharpeners from Edgeware, the SM-50084 Edgeware Diamond Elite manual sharpener and the SM-50217 Edgeware Diamond Pro 2-stage knife and scissors sharpener. Each one has two stages for coarse and fine sharpening, but each one has an extra, unique feature. The first one, the Edgeware Diamond Elite, is great if you need to sharpen regular knives as well as santoku knives. It has two extra stages that are specifically for sharper santoku blades.  The second, the Edgeware Diamond Pro, is for sharpening scissors as well as regular kitchen knives.

The coarse stages on these manual models are capable of sharpening even heavily-dulled knives because they use diamond abrasives. The fine stages aren’t as abrasive and are great for fine polishing because they use ceramic, which is softer than diamond.

Prices and Availability

Edgeware Knife Sharpeners are available now at MetroKitchen.com at great prices every day. Also, every order over $49 qualifies for free shipping!

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    For someone not particularly skillful at knife sharpening the single-stage models sound like a perfect choice. It requires less involvement on my part which means it is safer and more convenient to use.