Emerilware Cookware for Beginners

With my mom’s recent move to the South, after retiring from her job…she requested something as a housewarming gift that I never would have guessed she wanted in a million years: cookware. The thing about my mom is that she’s never really cooked before! I shouldn’t say never cooked, but she’s no pro. Her idea of cooking is meatballs and pasta with sauce courtesy of Ragu. She makes a mean grilled cheese and wonderful french toast, but beyond that, her cooking ability is limited. Now that she is retired, I guess she has time on her hands to try new things. So I say, good for her, and I’d be more than happy to support anything she wants to do!  So I looked to Emeril Cookware for my mom.

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In deciding which line cookware to buy her, I remembered that she always had junk, cheap pots and pans, never matching, never well cared for. I was not about to dig deep and splurge on a copper cookware set. I wanted something for her that was practical, functional, reliable, and looked good in her brand new kitchen. The perfect answer:  an Emerilware Stainless 10 piece Cookware Set. The Wall Street Journal recently named Emerilware Cookware as the best value for your money. I agree! Made by All-Clad, Emerilware stainless cookware is sturdy, yet not too heavy. My mom has found the set a delight to use.  She especially likes the see-through lids.  Emeril cookware sets comes with everything you need such as fry pans, sauce pan and even a stock pot.  Since its arrival in my mom’s kitchen, the cookware set has been put to good use.  The cookware set is not the only new kitchen accessory in my moms new kitchen. She now has displayed for all to see on her kitchen island, a Southern-Recipe cookbook, in an actual cookbook stand. Watch out Emeril!