New Smart Small Appliances from Emeril

Emeril LagasseEmeril is one of my favorite chefs.  His food and recipes are great.  I also like Emeril because he’s always inventing fun new items for kitchen and cooking fantics.

What better time to check out new items than the start of what we like to call “the eating season!”   These 6 new Emerilware small appliances can also make great gifts for the foodies on your list.  Here’s a quick look at each one:

Emerilware Small Deep FryerThe Emerilware small deep fryer is a nice compact size, just right for a countertop (14 x 8-7/8 inches).  This easy to clean stainless steel fryer can fry up to one pound of food.  It holds about a half gallon of oil, which it automatically filters after each use and stores  in a re-sealable container.

Emerilware Mini BlenderI like to keep items I frequently use right on my counter.  Some blenders take up too much space.  Not the new Emerilware mini blender and chopper!   At just under 5 inches in diameter, tt has a permanent home on my counter.  It’s easy to use and fast when you want to chop a cup of nuts for cookies or make a smoothie for just one person (up to 14 ounces)

Emerilware Slow CookerThe Emerilware slow cooker is another favorite because its insert and lid are both dishwasher safe.   The other thing I really like about this slow cooker is that I can stir and taste throughout the cooking process.  With most slow cookers, as soon as you take off the lid, the temperature drops and changes their cooking ability.   When you open the Emeril slow cooker because you just can’t wait to taste your wonderfully aromatic stew, the temperature remains constant.   You can rely on Emeril’s slow cooker to properly slow cooker your favorite chiles, stews and other family favorites.

Emerilware Gourmet Electric GrillTry the Emerilware electric grill  when you want that outdoor taste indoors with minimal indoor clean up.    Emeril designed this so you can easily enjoy grilled foods.  Both the grill and its useful drip tray are dishwasher safe.   It’s even large enough to handle a grilled dinner for 4!

Emerilware XL Electric GrillEmeril also makes a the Emerilware XL Electric Grill that has 2 temperature controls and 2 grill trays.  The non-stick grill plates can be removed for easy cleaning, including in the dishwasher.   Grill for as few as 2 or as many as 10!

Emerilware Mini Cake and Tart MakerThe last of the new Emeril small appliances is the Emerilware mini pie and tart maker.  This easy to use dessert maker fits with the latest trend of “small” and “mini” taste treats.  In about 15 minutes, bake tarts, mini cakes or even savory biscuits.  The non-stick surfaces make for easy clean up too!

We can’t forget the classic small appliances, the Emerilware bread maker and large deep fryer.   If you’re stuck for gift ideas this holiday season, trust Emeril for a quality-made small appliance sure to please all of the food-lovers on your list.