Enclume Pot Racks for Extra Cabinet Space

Enclume Pot RackSpace.   There’s never enough!  Space truly has become the “final frontier.” We know we share a tiny home in a vast universe. The same can be said for many of us when it comes to our kitchens. Many of us have only tiny kitchens but have much we’d like to put in them.    If you don’t want to remodel, the quickest and cheapest way to add more kitchen space is to get a pot rack.  If you think pot racks are expensive,  have you checked out the price of new kitchen cabinets?    All of a sudden a pot rack seems very reasonable!  There are plenty of pot rack brands but, Enclume pot racks is the brand that stands head and shoulders above the rest. They have been in business for decades.  They’re famous for their quality craftsmanship and elegant designs.  And, the majority of their products are made in the USA!

Many companies claim quality and craftsmanship but few will ever compare to Enclume. What leads me to this conclusion? Lets begin with the basics: Enclume pot racks are constructed with carbon steel up to twice as thick as their closest competitor.  That means you won’t need to worry about the rack not being strong enough to hold heavy cookware.  With Enclume, cookware that goes up stays up.  All Enclume products are formed on traditional French metal forming equipment.  Plus Enclume racks are hand finished by professional craftsman. Their products are not mass produced.  These beautiful racks are made in small batches with lots of attention to detail.  The majority of Enclume potracks are made in the USA, in Washington.

Enclume pot rack designs are simple and elegant. If you look around there are plenty of busy and garish pot racks. Enclume designs pot racks that will add elegance and great functionality to any style of kitchen, from traditional to ultra modern. They offer lots of designs, from a signature finish called “hammered steel” to stainless steel plus chrome plated, brass plated and copper plated pot racks. No matter what your taste,  Enclume has something extraordinary for you and it’s Made in America!

If your kitchen needs to be expanded, check out Enclume pot racks.

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  • Darryl

    You hit the steel on the head; or should I say enclume Did. Ha! Ha!
    I do know that enclume is #1 when it comes to pot racks. Durable construction, Many, many variations of style and finishes. Extraordinary for the ordinary kitchen.