Father’s Day Kitchen Gift Ideas

As Father’s Day approaches so does Summer. It really is time to get serious about locking in on a gift for Dad. For me Father’s Day and Summer are synonymous. When I was a kid and even when my father was a kid the place to be was a barbecue. I have lots of memories of my father working on a barbecue. I was always worried he would over cook my food as I prefer things medium-rare. More often than not,even after numerous reminders, it arrived at the table well done. Today, I am proud to say my dad can actually deliver on a medium-rare request! If you are struggling on what to get Dad for Father’s Day, here a few suggestions from us at MetroKitchen.
All-Clad Barbeque Tool Set

I bring up the barbecue as it is a happy time we all shared. With that in mind, my first recommendation for Dad is an All-Clad Barbecue Tool Set with a carrying case. The carrying case is handy and makes a great (and very professional) statement upon arrival.  The tools themselves are beautifully crafted and made of 18/10 stainless steel because it does not interact with food. The tools are substantial, not thin and tinny like others we have all seen. The tools are 18 inches long which will keep Dad from the heat of the grill.

Krups BeerTenderThe next recommendation comes from my German heritage. Lets face it an ice cold beer is a must at the barbecue, so my next recommendation is the Krups BeerTender. The Krups BeerTender will set you apart from the crowd. There’s nothing like having your own beer on tap. You might even call it the “green” choice for beer as there won’t be a hill of beer cans or bottles left over at the end of the day. This is a gift Dad will not have to return!  You can also check out Krups BeerTender review.

The next 2 items simply go together. Frequently, the item barbecued is a larger piece of meet that will need to be carved or in the case of ribs separated. The perfect item for this task is the Wusthof Grand Prix II Carving set.  The 8” carver with the 6” carving fork will make quick and clean work of carving anything! The razor sharp knife is capable of cutting nice thin slices without any rough or torn looking cuts. The fork will keep the meat stable for precision carving. The carrying case insures you already have a safe place to store them that will protect the blade to keep it sharp. Now even if dad does not barbecue larger items he will need this set come Thanksgiving. Lets face it if your home is like mine, mom will cook the bird but dad will always get the carving job. So this is a gift dad will definitely use.

John Boos Barbeque Cutting BoardNow for all of the carving you need a good cutting board and I recommend the John Boos Barbecue cutting board. The 18” x 12” x 1-1/2” size is big enough for most folks, but larger ones are also available. Wood is kind to your knife’s blade helping you maintain that sharp cutting edge. It also has nice channels running around the perimeter of the board to keep the juices from making a mess when the carving takes place. The hard rock maple is as beautiful as it is useful and it is made in the USA!

Father’s Day is almost upon us and I can smell the barbecue already! This years barbecue just might be a little more memorable for dear ole Dad.