February’s Sharp Pick – Wusthof Classic and Classic Ikon Santoku Knives

Knives of the month at a great price for a limited time:

MetroKitchen “sharp picks” are special discounted Wusthof knives that we have available every month here at MetroKitchen.com. For February 2011, our sharp picks are  the Wusthof Classic and Classic Ikon 5 inch hollow-ground santoku knives.

Wusthof 5 inch Asian cook's knife, hollow groundWusthof Classic 5 inch santoku:

This Wusthof Classic 5 inch hollow-ground santoku knife is also known as an Asian cook’s knife or Asian chef’s knife because of its similarities to the European-style chef’s knife. It’s great for general kitchen tasks like chopping vegetables or cutting meat, fish, and poultry because the blade is straight with a sharp edge. The edge of this Wusthof santoku is especially sharp now because Wusthof is using a new, more precise sharpening system, PeTec.  This system also helps the knives keep their edge for 40% longer. This Classic series santoku from Wusthof has a durable poly handle with three rivets that will resist warping and damage.

This Wusthof Classic hollow-ground santoku knife is available for only $79.95 here at MetroKitchen.com this month, a savings of $10.00 when compared to our usual price.

Wusthof Classic Ikon Asian cook's knife, hollow groundWusthof Classic Ikon 5 inch santoku:

Our second sharp pick for February 2011 is this Wusthof Classic Ikon 5 inch hollow-ground santoku knife. It has a few special features that make it visibly distinct from the Classic series santoku. This Wusthof Classic Ikon santoku knife has the excellent black Ikon handle that looks incredible and feels extra comfortable. This handle is invaluable when you’re slicing and chopping a lot of vegetables because it helps to prevent hand fatigue. The long-lasting poly handle also has a wood grain design on the exterior, making it beautiful yet durable.

At $99.95, the price on this bird’s beak paring knife from Wusthof beats out our usual price by $30. As usual, all orders over $49 qualify for free shipping. Save money by ordering today!