A “key” that will age your wine, great hostess gift!

Written by on December 2013

All of our friends love the Peugeot clef du vin wine key!   After an initial bit of skepticism, a quick taste test convinced everyone.   The wine key  “ages” a glass of wine by one year for every second you leave the key in the wine.   For $79.95, that’s a great deal.

We tried the Clef du Vin was with a mid-priced, two year-old Italian red that we should have waited another three to five years to drink.  Amazing.   In 5 seconds the wine was great.  No need to use it in cooking.

We even used it on cheap wines, including a box wine.  The box wine tasted a bit better, but the Clef du Vin could not improve it by much.  Alas, it’s not a magic wand!    We even bring the Clef du Vin to restaurants, so we can buy a slightly younger wine (at a better price) and age it over dinner!  As it’s the size of a keychain, carrying it is never an issue.

This wonderful wine key is great for a hostess gift for New Years parties!  Only $79.95.

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