Kitchen Knife Care Guide

Previously, we discussed some tips to picking the essential knives for your kitchen.  Today, we’re covering how best to care and protect your knives so that they last a lifetime.

When you buy high quality kitchen cutlery from companies like Wusthof, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Shun, Kyocera, and Global; you’re making a lifetime investment. These knife manufacturers have been in business for decades and stand behind their knives with lifetime warranties. It’s still important, however, to properly store, use, and care for your kitchen cutlery in order to keep them in the best possible working condition. This guide will help you save time in the future by making good knife care habits.

Storing and protecting your knives:

Simply tossing your kitchen knives in a drawer is not very safe. You might cut your finger while rummaging through a drawer. Also, items in a drawer are going to bump into each other, which will damage your knives’ sharp edges over time. A perfect way to avoid this is by investing in some type of kitchen knife storage like a knife block, knife tray, or a wall magnet.

Cutting Surfaces

Not every cutting surface is good for kitchen knives. Glass, porcelain, or granite surfaces are not suitable for cutting on with quality cutlery. These are a nightmare on your knives! Hard wood cutting boards, however, are perfect for cutting on and are designed to take the impact from chopping without dulling the blade. Some, like John Boos cutting boards, are engineered to be completely sanitary. Recent innovations in plastics technology have created synthetic cutting boards that are also safe for the edge. Still, we find that wood cutting boards are still the best option for the long-term health of your knives.


The dishwasher is not the best place to clean your cutlery. It’s easy to cut yourself when you reach in to remove clean items. Also, your knives’ edges will get ruined by all of the other utensils clanking around them. It’s best to hand wash your knives and immediately dry them. It’s not a good idea to let your knives soak, either as they are constructed from hard, high-carbon stainless steel. This quality steel is what helps knives keep their sharpness over time. The down side to high-carbon stainless steel is that it can become discolored and spotted if allowed to stay wet for too long. Hand washing and immediately drying your knives will keep them sharp and sparkling for a lifetime.

Kitchen Knives that last a Lifetime

Great knife manufacturers stand behind the quality of their products. That’s why you’ll find these will offer a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty when you purchase their knives. If the product is defective, the manufacturer will replace the product for free. While the warranty will cover a knife if it is purchased new and is dull, the warranty will not cover a knife that has lost its sharpness over time. With proper maintenance, quality kitchen knives should last a lifetime.

We hope these tips will help ensure that your knives last a lifetime.  MetroKitchen carries a large selection of high quality kitchen knives and cutlery.