Celebrate the season with the best kitchen brands made in the USA!

Flag FlyingWe frequently hear from our customers that they want to buy kitchen products made in the USA.  We not only carry cookware made in America, but we also carry small appliances, kitchen tools, and accessories for your home. These products are made in factories right here at home which employ thousands of Americans.  We thought we’d highlight these great brands for you:

Starting with cookware, you might want to take a peek at American Kitchen Tri-ply Stainless Steel cookware. To start with, they have American in their name because it is made in America, Wisconsin to be exact. This cookware does it all! What do I mean it does it all?

  1. It is dishwasher safe.
  2. It has a 3-ply clad design – stainless steel cooking surface, aluminum core for even heating and stainless steel magnetic stainless steel exterior. The aluminum core is throughout the cookware not just in the bottom like disc bottom designed cookware.
  3. It works on induction cook tops as well as all other heat sources.
  4. It has stay cool handles so you can fry things all day long and still pick up the pan with your bare hand.
  5. This cookware offers all these features at an economical price!

All-Clad StainlessFor the person who is more brand conscious and only wants the best in cookware, there is All-Clad. All-Clad cookware is the standard to which all other cookware is compared. All of their clad items are made in the USA (Pennsylvania)! This is the cookware chefs and caterers prefer. All-Clad also offers a wide variety of cookware types:

  1. All-Clad Classic Stainless Steel, a 3 ply aluminum core stainless line (recently discontinued so its sold at bargain prices).
  2. New All-Clad Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Stainless Steel, the replacement for the classic line remains clad and has redesigned more ergonomic lids and handles.
  3. All-Clad D5 LTD2, a 5-ply line that combines stainless steel, aluminum and an anodized exterior that is harder than stainless steel which resists scratching.
  4. All-Clad MC2, an entry level line that combines aluminum and a stainless steel cooking surface. This line is frequently bought by chefs and restaurants because it is the cheapest All-Clad line that offers that excellent All-Clad performance!
  5. All-Clad Copper Core, which combines 2 layers of stainless steel with 2 layers of aluminum and 1 layer of Copper for extraordinary even heating characteristics and elegant appearance.

All-Clad also features a wide array of items for every conceivable need in the kitchen – they have a pot or pan for every kind of purpose!

EnclumeSo what happens when you get lots of cookware? You run out of cabinet space for them and thats where Enclume comes to your aid! Enclume pot racks are of the highest quality and manufactured in Washington state. They have pot racks that look modern and ones that appear classical or traditional. They offer a veritable cornucopia of looks and finishes. These racks can be ordered in hammered steel, stainless steel, chrome, copper and brass. At first glance you might think they are a little pricey but when compared to the cost of new kitchen cabinets they are a steal! If you have really nice cookware it is nice to have them on display and it doesn’t hurt that your cookware is always at your fingertips adding a convenience factor too.

John Boos cutting boardEveryone can use something from John Boos. They offer a wide range of items ranging from cutting boards for less than $20.00 to high quality kitchen Islands for over $2,000.00! They make cutting boards, butcher block, kitchen carts and kitchen islands. Most items feature American grown hardwoods like hard rock maple and cherry. They do their fine work in Illinois and they have been at it for more than 100 years. Once you see their products the quality speaks for itself! With such a variety of items John Boos has something for everyone!

Vic Firth Pepper GrinderFor those who insist on the freshest ingredients when it comes to cooking, look no further than Vic Firth for their masterful pepper and salt mills. This company located in Maine, is renowned form making drumsticks for musicians for over 40 years. You might say they bring music to the kitchen! This company makes it a point to buy FSC certified woods whenever possible. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council and they are all about sustainable forestry, the kind that continues and benefits nature. As a matter of fact, Vic Firth uses every scrap of wood and sawdust left over from manufacturing to heat his plant, making Vic Firth a GREEN choice. The pepper and salt mills are of the highest quality and one nice feature is the fact that their grinding mechanisms can be removed for cleaning. Don’t miss their rolling pins. They are made with stainless steel bearings to ensure a lifetime of service. Speaking of which both the mills and the rolling pins have a lifetime warranty.

Microplane Cheese GraterMicroplane produces graters that will make your life easier. They make these graters using a chemical etching process that results in much sharper graders. They are very affordable and anyone who is into fresh grated cheese, orange, lemon or lime zest, grated nuts or spices like nutmeg needs a Microplane! Once you try one there is no going back to anything else! Its good for grating almost anything. The quality of any food made with fresh grated ingredients is remarkable and unforgettable, the flavors just pop! The perfect gift for the chef in your home.

Vita-Mix blenderVitamix is the King of blenders! Once you have experienced one of these nothing else will do. These blenders have 2 plus peak horsepower! The models come with a 5 or 7 year warranty!  Can you remember another appliance that has such a warranty?! Use your Vitamix for frozen drinks and smoothies. You can even use a Vitamix to make your own nut butter. The recipe is simple all you do is add your favorite nuts (peanuts or cashews) and blend! These are great for making your own baby food free of additives and unwanted hormones. You can even use a Vitamix to make hot soup! The Vitamix does not have heating elements but at the highest speed setting the blades are at 240 miles per hour which creates enough friction over time to render HOT SOUP! Your Vitamix, made in Ohio, will be a dear friend for years!

Wellness MatsThe holiday season means cooks everywhere are going to be on their feet for endless hours cooking. A great gift is a Wellness Mat. These mats reduce the impact to your joints and are medically proven to promote proper circulation and better posture. They come with a 7 year warranty that tells you they will never curl up at the edge creating a trip hazard, they will not compress, fade or separate. They are designed with a bevel edge to protect from tripping. They are anti-microbial in nature and anti-skid too. They are great for anybody that has to be on his/her feet for long periods of time.

All these fine products are made in the USA so when you buy them you can be sure of extraordinary quality and be at  peace knowing that you are putting Americans to work!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Sam Howzit