All the Kitchen Tools you Need for Summer Cooking

Memorial Day is the official kick off for summer fun, warmer weather and great summer recipes. MetroKitchen has all the cooking tools you need for summertime cooking.

Outdoor Grilling: Our best selling outdoor grilling tools are made by All-Clad. The All-Clad Stainless Barbeque Tool Set includes four must-have grilling tools and is neatly packaged and stored in an All-Clad metal carrying case. These great grilling tools are dishwasher safe. Get your grill on now!

Outdoor Cooking: When hosting a summer party, another great way to cook and keep food warm while grilling, is with the Viking Portable Induction Cook Top. This “green” way of cooking offers another place took warm up food and cook in other areas inside or outside your home, with its great portability.

Summertime Drinks: The ultimate blender! The CIA Professional/Vitamix Blender is the only blender used by great chefs and bartenders around the world. Enjoy frozen drinks, great juice smoothies and even makes soup (as recently seen on an episode of Martha Stewart). The Vitamix Blender offers great quality and functionality…a must have for this summer!

Summer Cooking on Rainy Summer Days: We have several different options here, but one multi-functional pan that is perfect for summertime cooking indoors is the Emerilware Cast Iron Smoker. The Emerilware Cast Iron Smoker is really a 5-in-1 pan. With this pan you can grill indoors, make delicious smoked spareribs, roast chicken, broil meats and deep fry your potatoes. Plus this smoker includes several of Emeril’s yummy recipes.

For grilling indoors we offer a wide selection of grill pans from several different brands including All-Clad grill pans, ScanPan grill pans and Swiss Diamond Grill Pans.

Cooking inside/outside…every host/chef needs a good knife for slicing/cutting/peeling and other kitchen prep tasks. From ceramic knives, to German steel knives, even great carving sets, MetroKitchen has every knife for every kitchen job. Check out our cutlery selection for great deals from our top brands.

Happy Summer…Get Cooking!