Krups BeerTender B100 Review

Krups BeerTender B100Gulp, gulp, gulp… ahhhhh! Picture this – you are having a get-together with some friends and/or family.  It’s one of those parties that involves a sporting or competitive event.  You know:  the Super Bowl, March Madness, a singing competition finale or the hoops championship.  And the right type of food is being served. “The right type of food,” meaning something fried or grilled.  There’s lots of chatter in the background.  The guys are talking junk. The girls are (thinking here – hang on….) talking junk.  All of this is going on in your home and you’re being a good host.  Everyone is happy and everyone has a draft beer in their hand.  Yes, a draft beer.  Like the pubs, cold and foamy at the top of the glass.  How is this possible you ask?  Well, the Krups BeerTender brings the draught/draft beer to your home.

This latest revision of the Krups BeerTender holds a 5 liter mini keg of beer and chills it to the best drinking temperature.  This appliance is a show piece.  If fits on a kitchen counter top, and can also be transferred to an outside patio to enjoy those days where the weather is oh-so-perfect.  I am loving this thing.  It’s super easy to use and clean.  Basically when you get the box, everything is already to go.  You just have to put the drip tray together, attach one of the spout tubes to the mini keg, close the lid, turn it on and presto!  There are two indicator lights on the machine.  A power and a temperature light that is green.  The temperature light has an icon that looks like a thermometer, but it doesn’t specify the actual temperature, but whether the beer in the keg is cold enough to drink.

Most likely the mini keg you buy will already be cold and shouldn’t take long to get the the right temperature.  If that is not the case, I recommend putting the mini keg in the fridge for about 12 hours.  Chilling a warm keg in the Krups BeerTender B100 will take about 15 hours.

Krups BeerTender B100With all that said, I am loving my BeerTender.  My buddies love the whole draft concept in a home.  The machine is good looking and it’s a joy when you pour your beer in a cold glass.  I read the instructions and they recommend wetting the inside of the glass or chilling the glass so the foam can accumulate.  I did it with a non-wet or chilled glass and it was fine.

The Krups B100 BeerTender is definitely the most talked about appliance in the kitchen when someone comes over.  My word of advance to the ladies; if you wanna keep the guy at home more, get him the BeerTender.  His buddies can have a draft while watching the big game or playing cards.  It makes a great gift for those that like a cold bruski.  And at under $100, I think it’s a show piece for the kitchen, garage, patio or the social event at your home.