Made in the USA: Marcus cookware

Update:  As of 2010, Marcus Cookware manufacturer Regal Ware USA, has been re-named it American Kitchen Try-ply Cookware.  The new line features the same tri-ply construction and continues to be made in the USA.

Marcus Cookware has arrived and is only sold at select retailers, including Designed by Chef Marcus Samuelson, Marcus cookware offers all the attributes and features you would expect to find in a professional’s chef kitchen. And above all else, it is proudly made in the USA, unlike many of its celebrity chef competitors.  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (June 20th edition), declared Marcus Cookware as “the clear winner” of a recent celebrity chef cookware equipment test. In the article Samuelson states,”his stainless steel line is for the passionate cook who reads one of the great food magazines and cooks for their families…my pots and pans make it possible for home cooks to recreate restaurant flavors.” In the equipment test, the judges at the Journal “praised the classic design, constructed with aluminum sandwiched between stainless steel on the walls and the base.”

Everyone at MetroKitchen received a sample Marcus Stainless 8″ fry pan from Regalware and to try at home, and received rave reviews! One MetroKitchen employee said, “I tried it. I thought it was great. Heating was even and seemed to work as well as the other high end brands.” I was lucky enough to try the 6 quart covered stock pot, creating sauce and the performance was superior. My sauce heated evenly and quickly and never burned. I found the handles extremely comfortable and transported the pot right to my table.

This made in the USA cookware was designed to meet the needs of today’s professional chef. Marcus stainless steel cookware is safe for any cooktop surface, including induction. Additionally, it  is oven and broiler safe too!

Made in the USA, Marcus Samuelsson cookware can be bought in sets or open stock.

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