Made in America: USA Bakeware

USA Bakeware Cookie SheetI love this USA Pan bakeware.  Food just slides right off making cleanup very easy instead of a chore!  We’ve been involved in the food business for eons.  We’ve tried lots of different types of bakeware from many different companies.  USA Pan tops them all!  You can feel the strength of the pan as soon as you hold it.  We love the fact that you never hear it “ping” in the oven as you do with bakeware that is too thin.   The color of this bakeware is also light enough that your baking treats don’t over brown or bake too quickly, as can be the case with “dark” bakeware.

We have yet to find something that sticks to USA PAN Bakeware.  Cooked food wipes off with a paper towel.  The “ripples” on the bottom of the pan help with the heat distribution so that everything evenly bakes and cooks.   Equally wonderful are the prices of USA PAN Bakeware — they’re reasonable!    Prices run from $15.95 to $29.95, just what bakeware should cost.

Try it and let us know what you think.   Everyone we know who has tried this bakeware loves it.  Oh…and did we mention, it’s made in the USA!   It’s made in Pennsylvania by a family-owned business that’s been making commercial bakeware and bakeware for very expensive cooking stores for many years.   USA PAN…made in America and made for your next baking adventures!