The Masters at Augusta

As this is Masters week, one fun fact about Augusta National is the very low prices of its sandwiches. A whopping $1.50 will get you egg salad or the ever present southern favorite, a pimento cheese sandwich! But, sandwiches aren’t why anyone goes to the Masters. Here are just a few pix of the pros during the practice round.

Thanks to a wonderful supplier (yay Vicki!), we had the chance to walk on the hallowed ground of the Augusta greats. For golfers like it, it was a spiritual experience! Felt like small kids on Christmas morning! Enough about golf, let’s talk food! We did enjoy more than a pimento cheese treat. In fact, we had the best shrimp and grits (another southern classic) ever! The Frog Hollow Tavern in downtown Augusta, GA gets my vote for the best…tasting and looking shrimp and grits anywhere in the southeast.

And their lamb shank wasn’t bad either.

Between the amazingly pristine fairways, microscopically trimmed greens and history-filled Amen Corner, attending the Masters is a privilege and an experience we’ll never forget.