New! Mauviel French Cookware is Non-Stick, Dishwasher-Safe & Great Looking

Mauviel M'Stone Pot

Mauviel has been making world class copper cookware in France since 1830!   Copper cookware isn’t for everyone.  While I appreciate Mauviel’s beauty and great heat control, copper is just too much work for me.  Frankly, if it doesn’t go into the dishwasher, it doesn’t go into my kitchen!

Finally …there’s beautiful Mauviel cookware that’s right for me.  M’Stone non-stick cookware can go in the dishwasher!  Yay!   It’s also induction compatible.  It’s also induction compatible.  That’s important since cooking with a portable induction cooktop is my first choice when I need to heat, boil, braise, fry.  Mauviel M’stone cookware has a non-stick cooking surface made from virtually indestructible ceramic.  This ceramic, non-stick cooking surface is so hard, its nickname is “rocks!”   Thanks to Mauviel’s “green” commitment, M’stone non-stick cookware is environmentally friendly, made without both PFOA and PTFE!

You ask…what’s it like when you use it every day?  M’stone is wonderful and durable.  It heats quick and clean up is very simple.  Even when I’ve purposely burned eggs, it was easy to remove the charred remains.

Pretty & practical glass lids top off NEW Mauviel M'Stone non-stick cookware

I also love the  great-looking, practical glass lids.  M’stone non-stick cookware heats quickly, cleans up easily and looks wonderful just sitting on your cooktop.

Since it’s non-stick, M’stone is great for making egg dishes of any type.  But, I also like how M’stone cookware sears meat and reduces sauces.   French-made M’stone cookware also works well for oven roasting.

In my view, this is high quality, beautifully-made non-stick cookware at a phenomenal price.   A Mauviel M’stone fry pan is $89.95 and  Mauviel M’stone 5 piece cookware set goes for $399.95.