MetroKitchen Team Visits Frankfurt for Ambiente!

Every year Frankfurt, Germany turns into the world’s largest housewares store as a result of a week long trade show of everything that can possibly used in a home. It’s called Ambiente.

This year, we decided it was time for some of us at MetroKitchen to attend this enormous show so we could bring you a world-wide view of what’s new for the home kitchen. We’re always looking for the newest and best in cookware, knives and small appliances to share with our customers.

ChipSo we battled the 4 degree weather in Germany to see what we could find. That’s Chip in front of the enormous, multi-block exhibition building that hosts all types of trade shows throughout the year.

On our whirlwind trip, we looked at everything. Amazingly sharp, black-bladed Japanese knives. Unusual German-made enameled cookware. Beautifully designed French stainless steel cookware. Even a special prosciutto cutting device that holds the pig’s leg so thin slices can be easily cut. We’ll be adding many of these new brands to MetroKitchen in the coming weeks.

Check out our first Frankfurt selection, the Hurom Slow Juicer. Link We thought you’d like it because the juice it makes retains tons of nutrients, more than other juicers because it doesn’t heat the fruit or veggies as it juices them. Plus we really liked how neatly it makes juice, no pulp spewing everywhere.

As you might guess, we enjoyed some incredible food, both at the show and in some of the restaurants we tried. We were especially fond of the treats at the Scanpan cookware booth! Pix They presented a healthy line of appetizers that were so tasty it was tough to stop eating them in time to go to dinner! Scanpan’s non-stick cookware makes it very easy to cook great food with minimal amounts of fat. We’ll be featuring some of these special recipes in upcoming blogs.


When you sit on a plane for 5 or 6 hours to get to Europe, it seems a terrible waste to NOT go to at least two countries. For the MetroKitchen 2012 trip to Frankfurt for the big Ambiente housewares trade show also included an additional, wonderful city. Yes folks, we also went to one of the world’s best food cities, PARIS.

We thought we should check out what’s happening in the food world in Paris, so we shopped in the cookware and knife sections of Galleries Lafayette and Printemp. We looked in oh so many small kitchen stores and did our best to help the French economy!