Mother’s Day Gifts for the Kitchen

Mother’s Day has a way of catching me like a deer in the headlights leaving me dazed and confused on what to get Mom for Mother’s Day. For those of you who might be in a similar situation, here are some suggestions for a Mother’s Day gift for Moms who like to cook.

My first suggestion comes from a recent visit to my parents home. I cooked breakfast for myself while I was there and I was appalled at my Mom’s non-stick fry pans. None of them had any non-stick left on them. I bought her a Swiss Diamond non-Stick fry pan. They come in a wide variety of sizes and are covered by a lifetime warranty. These have the best non-stick surface I’ve ever worked with!

Another great item for Mom is a Wusthof Classic Panini knife. This knife is not just a knife for Panini, actually it is a very versatile knife. What’s different about this knife? Most bread knives are serrated and feature a cutting edge with lots of pointy teeth. These knives, when faced with a nice hard crust, virtually bursts through the crusty bread sending crumbs flying everywhere. The Panini knife, in contrast, has a reverse serrated blade that looks like a series of little half moons all in a row. This blade glides smoothly into crusty breads without the pyroclastic burst of crumbs. It is also a lovely knife to use for slicing meats because it glides effortlessly into the meat. A regular bread knife will make a mess of meat with all those tiny points tearing the meat all the way through. Your panini knife is good for pastries, bagels and even cheese. Mom will love this knife and most likely will not have a knife like it.

Some Moms have a kitchen full of culinary accoutrement because they fancy the magic that can come from a kitchen. They bring the family and the neighborhood together over the aromas wafting from her kitchen. I have such a friend and I was surprised when I tried out her fine cutlery only to learn that it had become dull from years of use. For such a Mom I suggest a Chef’s Choice knife sharpener.  One of these will bring the old glory right back to her kitchen and put a sparkle back into her eyes when she tries out a newly sharpened knife! Most of these are designed for German style knives but there are some that are good for Japanese style knives too. There is nothing quite like razor sharp kitchen cutlery!

Another scenario I have encountered is the kitchen with great cookware and really lousy knives. These are the knives where the wooden handle might be cracking or the blades are flimsy, so thin that they bend with little pressure. What I am describing are stamped knives which are knives that are made by rolling out a sheet of metal and the blade is stamped right out of the metal sheet kind of like a cookie is cut out of a sheet of cookie dough by a cookie cutter. For such a Mother I suggest a Wusthof Grand Prix II 8 piece knife block set.  This comprehensive set fits nearly every cutlery need in the kitchen. It has a paring knife which is good for working with herbs a small vegetable work. It has a boning knife which is handy for cutting around bones, trimming fat off of meat as well as cutting fillets. The carver is for those roasts, hams, turkeys and other meat delights. The chef’s knife will certainly help you cut through your veggies and fruits. The bread knife will take care of breads, bagels and pastries. The kitchen shears is great for quick work with herbs, works great for cutting up meats for stir fry, and opening any number of plastic bagged items. The 17 Slot block has plenty of left over slots for your collection to grow and the steel helps you maintain the amazing sharp edge of your Wusthof knives. The handles of these knives have a pebble finish that make them more easy to grip when your hands are wet which frequently is the case when cooking. The blades are high carbon, forged stainless steel. These are substantial knives with a presence. They are balanced and the steel is a very hard steel designed to hold its sharpness well over time. This set will transform Mom’s cooking experience forever! I say forever because these knives have a lifetime warranty.

Because Mother’s Day lies at the doorway to summer I have to recommend a Vitamix Blender. These blenders have over 2 peak horsepower!  Models with a variable speed provide maximum control for your creation.  Frozen drinks are a snap with these blenders. Smoothies are a delight with a Vitamix. If your goal is to eat a more healthy diet, Vitamix makes it a delight to eat your fruit and veggies! You can make your own nut butters, peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter etc.  You can even make hot soup with these blenders. No, they do not have heating elements they have friction at 240 miles per hour when coupled with a little time renders hot soup. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love my Vitamix. While it is expensive, it has a 7 year warranty and it is built to last here in the USA. You’ll be amazed at all this blender can do! Maybe Mom will even let you borrow it from time to time.

I hope my suggestions have been helpful. The important thing to do is not forget Mom on Mother’s Day!