Nambe Serving Ware Review

Nambe BowlI’m always looking for something interesting and fun to add interest to the table setting of casual dinner parties. I’ve found it in Nambe!   What’s a Nambe you ask?

  • Nambe is cookware
  • Nambe is serving ware
  • Nambe is silver (in color) but never needs to be polished (yay!).
  • Nambe can be heated in the oven or popped into the freezer and then into the oven.

Nambe has many purposes — beautiful serving ware that also serves as cookware.  It’s great looking and durable enough that you can take it from the oven or refrigerator to the dinner or buffet table.Nambe is known for its distinctive designs, particularly the Nambe butterfly. It’s been a favorite of brides and those who love to entertain since the early 1940’s.   The company began making the butterfly design in the U.S. in  New Mexico many years ago.As with so many products, it’s now produced outside of the U.S., but Nambe retains the quality, craftsmanship and spectacular looks that have made it a favorite.

If you want a cool looking tray for cheese, crackers and fruit — my favorite is the Nambe Eclipse.This serving tray is the perfect companion for the Nambe wine chiller.  Put the chiller in the refrigerator or freezer for 3-4 hours and it will keep your wine nicely chilled for your entire evening (assuming the wine lasts that long).

Nambe make produces gorgeous and innovative products which makes for an attractive gift for those who have everything in their kitchen.