Nifty Appliance Gifts for the Thrifty

Capresso Coffee Maker

As the holidays approach if you are like me, you begin to rack your brains on creative gifts for loved ones. Metrokitchen offers some excellent gifts that will put a smile on your loved ones face without putting a dent in your bank account. The following items are only a few of the goodies found at Metrokitchen that are both great to have and inexpensive.

For the coffee drinker in your life you might think about the Capresso CM200 10 cup programmable coffee maker. This is made by the same company that makes espresso makers that run over $2000.00 yet this coffee maker is nicely priced and very reliable!

Make 10 cups of coffee in less than 9 minutes. This coffee maker has a water filter to remove flavor distorting elements from your tap water, rendering cup after tasty cup. The program function allows you to wake to the smell of that fresh hot brew day after day! A great way to wake up every morning!!!

Chef's Choice Egg CookerFor those that like their eggs Krups has the egg cooker for you! This Chef’s Choice electric egg cooker cooks up to 7 eggs at a time. You can cook them hard, medium or soft boil them. You can also poach 2 eggs at a time if you prefer. It sounds a bell when your eggs are done and has a feature that allows you to keep your eggs warm when you need to. Clean up is a breeze as the interior is non-stick! This is a great gift as it knows how long to cook your egg so no more using timers and no more guess work with those eggs. You might say this is an Egg-celent gift as it is handy and inexpensive!

Chef'sChoice Waffle MakerOk Coffee and eggs make a great opening for the Chef’s Choice Waffle Pro for Classic Belgian Waffles! Perfect waffles every time and the way you like them! This waffle maker has a light that tells you it is hot enough for your waffle. It has a control that allows you to make them as dark or as light as you like. It beeps when the waffle is ready so the guess work is gone forever! The cooking surface is non-stick so no need to use spray oils saving you money and making for easy clean up.

Smith's Knife SharpenerAnother surprise for the kitchen is Edgeware Diamond Edge 3 stage electric knife sharpener! I want you to know we sell some sharpening steels for more than this electric knife sharpener costs! This sharpener is a great value. Most of us have friends that have nice knives that could use a sharpening and this will restore those dull blades to their original razor sharp selves! It even can be used on serrated knives! The channels on this sharpener are set to the correct angles for your European knives so all you do is put your blade in the channel and it is in the optimal angle for sharpening your knife. What a great gift for any occasion!

The holidays are coming but there is no need to fret over what to get! MetroKitchen has the answer for all your culinary needs! We look forward to helping you find just what you need!