MetroKitchen Team Visits Frankfurt for Ambiente!

by Lynn March 14, 2012

Every year Frankfurt, Germany turns into the world’s largest housewares store as a result of a week long trade show of everything that can possibly used in a home. It’s called Ambiente. This year, we decided it was time for some of us at MetroKitchen to attend this enormous show so we could bring you […]

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Great Gift Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

by Ron March 13, 2012

As St Patrick’s Day approaches a few gift ideas come to mind for the Irish (or Irish wanna be’s) in your life. One often hears of that famous “Pot of Gold” but green is the big winner! A basil-colored Staub 6 ¼ quart Cocotte is one green pot that can serve many purposes at home.  It wears its […]

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Dear MetroKitchen: What is the difference between a boning knife and a fillet knife?

by Shaun February 16, 2012

  Boning knives are commonly used specifically for removing bones from meat while fillet knives are commonly used for removing bones and skin from meat, especially fish. There is some overlap as boning knives can be used for filleting and there are some all-purpose, boning/fillet knives.

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Kyocera Ceramic Knife Guide

by george February 14, 2012

Kyocera ceramic knives have some of the sharpest and most long-lasting edges in the world. Chefs love them because they don’t require frequent sharpening and they’re also impervious to damage from elements like moisture, oil, and acid. So, of the three series of Kyocera knives that we carry at MetroKitchen, which one is right for […]

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Kitchen Gift Ideas for your Valentine!

by Ron January 31, 2012

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching so don’t wait until the last minute to get your gift. In the event that you just don’t know what to get for your Valentine, we offer the following suggestions: You might think to offer your sweetheart a sweet heart. The Chefs Choice Heart Shaped Waffle Maker is a nice […]

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Dear MetroKitchen: Do you carry nonstick cookware that will work on induction?

by Bobby January 5, 2012

Most of the traditional stainless steel cookware that we sell will work on induction burners, including All-Clad and American Kitchen cookware.  Many of these brands make some pieces with a nonstick coating. If you are looking for dishwasher-safe, metal-utensil-safe nonstick cookware that is also induction compatible, you want to go with Scanpan CTX or Swiss [...]

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New Reserve Series from Shun!

by george December 30, 2011

Introducing the new Shun Reserve kitchen knife series! These new knives feature a brand new black and crimson PakkaWood handle as well as Shun’s  famous super-sharp and smooth edge.

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$129.95 Wusthof Classic Wide 8-inch Chef’s Knives on Sale for December! Save $45!

by george December 2, 2011

Need a top-quality Wusthof chef’s knife for yourself or as a gift this holiday season? These Wusthof wide 8-inch chef’s knives are this months “Sharp Pick” and they’re only on sale for December! Read on for more info!

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Nambe Serving Ware Review

by Lynn November 23, 2011

I’m always looking for something interesting and fun to add interest to the table setting of casual dinner parties. I’ve found it in Nambe!   What’s a Nambe you ask? Nambe is cookware Nambe is serving ware Nambe is silver (in color) but never needs to be polished (yay!). Nambe can be heated in the oven [...]

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German Knives: Zwilling JA Henckels vs. Wusthof, Two Shades of Greatness

by Ron November 16, 2011

German knives have quite a lengthy history.  The brands MetroKitchen has selected,  Henckels and Wusthof, have been making fine kitchen knives for centuries! Many people like to compare Wusthof vs. Henckels.  No matter which you chose you’ll have a superb quality knife that has a lifetime guarantee. Zwilling JA Henckels and Wusthof Trident craft the [...]

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