Preparing for the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!As the holidays draw near all the cooking that’s about to happen in your kitchen is top of mind. Lots of loved ones will be gathered to feast upon the tasty delights you  prepare for them. While it may be a labor of love for you, it never hurts to double check to be sure you have everything you need to insure all goes as planned.

For me, a list is essential.  Let’s see:

All-Clad Roasting Pan SetFirst, what’s Thanksgiving or any December holiday without a turkey, a ham or  some large meat roast.  If you don’t have a nice roasting pan take a look at the All-Clad large roaster. Not only is it up to handling a really big bird, it comes with a rack to keep heat nice and even around your bird. When the bird is done cooking you will REALLY appreciate the 2 turkey lifters that come with this roaster. These large lifters allow you to stick the tines into the meat so when you lift the meat it is stable and controlled.  We recently posted a roasting pan guide to help you find the right roaster for your roast.

John Boos Slicing BoardNo turkey will fall because of butter fingers.  It will be easy to move it right onto the cutting board.  A made in the USA John Boos slicing board has wooden pins to keep the meat stable.  This cutting board also has channels to help capture juices for a yummy gravy.   Now you can use delicious juices to prepare gravy in the roaster right on the stove top and save yourself from having to clean another pot.     If you already have a trusty roaster I can’t tell you how great those turkey lifters are. Moving the entree from roaster to your cutting board is a tenuous moment in every kitchen. Those All-Clad turkey lifters are a great insurance policy.

Wusthof Classic Carving Knife SetAnother item that makes grand occasions run well is a really sharp carving knife set, like this one from Wusthof. This is especially important if your entree will be carved at the dinner table. A good carver glides through the meat making it truly a sight to see. The fork will insure it stays nice and stable while all of the good work is done.  No matter where it is done a sharp carver allows you to cut nice thin slices with ease.  No torn or shredded meat, the signature of a dull knife.

While I am on the topic of carving and cutting, sharp cutlery makes everything work better in the kitchen. Sharp knives are also much safer than dull knives. Before all the cooking begins I recommend you sharpen all of your knives. If you do not have a good knife sharpener try a Chefs Choice knife sharpener. They are so easy to use. Just place your blade in the appropriate sharpening channel for your knife and pull it straight back. No worrying about the proper angle.  The electric sharpener takes care of that.   It sharpens both sides of the blade at the same time. What could be easier? Good cutlery makes all your cutting and chopping effortless. I love to help friends cook but really don’t like it when I have to use one of their dull knives. Sometimes folks don’t realize how bad it is. Once they use a Chefs Choice sharpener they will appreciate the difference!

Microplane GraterThe holidays are a time filled with magical tastes and aromas that greet you as you enter the home. This is the high season of spices. Spices make all the difference in holiday foods. They are the heralds, the essence of what draws everyone young and old into the kitchen to see what wonder lies around the corner. Fresh is best when it comes to these spices and nothing beats fresh ground spices. For easy spice grinding, the Microplane Rotary Grater is a great value. I am thinking nutmeg and cloves. When freshly ground they make magic with cookies, cakes, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, egg-nog and the list goes on and on.  This grater magnifies all that is good in your holiday kitchen! It comes with 2 stainless steel drums, one for fine grating and one for coarse grating which is great for grating cheeses for salads. The Microplane rotary grater makes so many things better and it is easy to use and to clean. No kitchen should be without it!

For over a decade Metrokitchen has been a part of your cooking throughout the world! We appreciate the opportunity to help make your holiday cooking a bit easier by providing you with a selection of the best brands and products.   All of us at MetroKitchen wish you all the very best this Holiday Season and throughout the year!

Creative Commons License photo credit: InaFrenzy