New Reserve Series from Shun!

Introducing the new Shun Reserve kitchen knife series! These new knives feature a brand new black and crimson PakkaWood handle as well as Shun’s  famous super-sharp and smooth edge.Shun Reserve Series Hollow-Edge Cook's Knife

Sharp, Long-Lasting, and Attractive Blades

The blades on the Shun Reserve knives look beautiful and they’re incredibly sharp and long-lasting. They have a Damascus look because they’re made with 32 layers of stainless steel clad to a harder powdered steel core.  The exterior layers help to protect the knife from moisture and other elements. These knives have razor-sharp edges and they stay sharp for longer because the core is made from super-hard SG-2 powdered steel. Because they’re so sharp, chopping and slicing with a Shun Reserve knife is quick and easy.

Comfortable, Newly-Designed HandlesShun Reserve 3-1/2 inch Parer

The Reserve series handle has a comfortable, curved shape that feels great when you’re holding it and helps prevent hand fatigue. It also has a new black and crimson PakkaWood design that’s only available on the Reserve series. This PakkaWood handle is made from a combination of resin and white birch, a hard and durable wood.  They aren’t suitable for dishwashers, but they look great and they’re incredibly long lasting with hand washing, which is why Shun backs these Reserve knives up with lifetime guarantee. This handle is also made with a full tang that makes the knife feel balanced and gives it a good weight.

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