Have I ruined my All-Clad pan?

The MetroKitchen customer service department fields this question quite a bit. Even performing a simple Google search of burned all-clad pan yields several results.  Earlier last Summer, we noticed this tweet from Chef Paola Petrella where she was ready to toss out her All-Clad pan after accidentally burning some pasta!

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It happens even to the most skilled chef like Chef Paola.  But never fear!  There’s a good chance that if you’ve burned some food to your All-Clad pots and  pans, it can be saved.

How to save your burned All-Clad cookware

First, give the time for the pan to cool.  Next, put some Bar Keepers Friend, a gentle abrasive, on the cooking surface and add a little water.  Using a soft cloth, rub the Bar Keeper’s Friend and water into the affected area in a circular motion.  This will hopefully get some of the food which is stuck to the pan to loses up.  It should also remove some of the discoloration, if any, has occurred.  Another solution is to bring some plain vinegar to a boil in the affected pan which may loosen up any stuck bits you’re not able to get up.  Vinegar will also help with the bluing which sometimes occurs.  If you’re still having trouble removing the bits, you might want to soak the pan for a night or two in soap and try applying the previous method. Just be aware that these tips apply to stainless surfaces and not non-stick.

As for Chef Paola’s problem, MetroKitchen and Lisa at All-Clad jumped in on Twitter to give her some tips.  The result?

Twitter _ Paola Petrella_ @MetroKitchen yes!! Sparkl ... - (Build 20090824085414)

Hooray!  Another All-Clad pan saved.  We should also note that All-Clad offers a lifetime warranty on their products, however burned pans are not included.  But in the rare even that you feel your All-Clad cookware piece has a manufacturing defect, feel free to contact us at MetroKitchen directly at 888-892-9911 or find us on Twitter!

Happy Cooking!

  • Joanne Breidbart

    How do I clean the accumulated grease on the backside of the pans

  • denise allen

    I accidentally had my All Clad stainless pot on med high heat with nothing in for a few minutes. It appears to ahve discolored the inside and leaves an odd residue. What can I do?

    • admin

      Hi Denise,

      Have you tried the Bar Keepers Friend solution we describe in this post? That tends to work for many tough problems. An additional tip is to soak it in lemon juice or real lemon for 15 minutes and then finish up with Bar Keepers Friend.

      We hope this helps!

  • Rance

    To take the lemon option a bit further…add some salt. One part salt, two parts lemon juice to be exact. This combo also works for polishing copper, just like Bar Keepers Friend.

  • Don

    All these were very helpful in saving my All-Clad 6″ sauce pan that had a centimeter think crust of burnt on tomato soup. Especially the twitter tips from ‏@AllClad: “@ChefPaola is your pan Stainless? Try fine powder cleanser w/h20 2 form a paste. Use a soft cloth. Rub in circular motion from center out.”

    Additionally, because I burned such a smal pan, I could not get a lot of good leverage with my sponge. So I also used a silicon scraper … which helped chip away at the crusties in the tough corners … while not scratching the stainless surface.

  • Beth

    Hi, thanks for this post. I left my pan on my electric stove, on high heat, empty except for a few tablespoons of olive oil for twenty minutes (was about to sauté some onions walked away and forgot). Will your tips still work? I am concerned I burned off the surface from the smoking oil. I now have a large copperish tinted circular burn mark. Many thanks!