Save up to $27 on Select Wusthof Paring Knives this August! Sharp Picks!

Wusthof Classic 2.5 inch Tournade Parer
Wusthof Classic 2.5 inch bird’s peak paring knife

Here at we’re featuring two Wusthof knives, the Wusthof Classic 2.5 inch bird’s beak paring knife and the Wusthof Grand Prix II 2.5 inch bird’s beak paring knife,  as our special Wusthof knives of the month. These knives are available at a special price of $39.95 each that will last until September 30th! Read on for more information on these two knives, available at this low price for a limited time!

A Wusthof bird’s beak paring knife is an excellent tool for cutting and peeling round fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, potatoes, apples, mangoes, and oranges. Also known as a tournade, chefs often use bird’s beak parers for cutting fruits and vegetables to use as garnish or for simply peeling.

Wusthof Grand Prix II 2.5 Inch Tournade Parer
Wusthof Grand Prix II 2.5 inch bird’s beak paring knife

Both the Grand Prix II and the Wusthof Classic bird’s beak paring knives are sharper and more long-lasting than ever before because of Wusthof’s new PEtec sharpening system (precision edge technology). This makes each knife 30% sharper and they last 40% longer than previous knives.

The Wusthof Classic and Grand Prix II versions of the bird’s beak paring knife feature different handles and have slightly different weight and balance. The Grand Prix II paring knife has a poly handle that completely encloses the tang for a smoother and slightly more ergonomic feel. The Wusthof Classic version has the classic 3-rivet handle that Wusthof is known for as well as a larger tang. Each knife features the same quality steel and forged construction, however.

These knives are each available for only $39.95 until the end of September – a savings of  $20 off of the regular price on the Grand Prix II model and $27 off of the Classic model! For more savings on Wusthof Cutlery, check out our Wusthof sale page, which contains all of this season’s great deals on Wusthof cutlery!