Scanpan Non-Stick Cookware Comparison

Scanpan CTX Cookware SetDenmark has blessed the world with a line of non-stick cookware that will stand the test of time! While I have owned very expensive non-stick cookware in the past, none has compared to ScanPan. What makes this brand of non-stick cookware truly remarkable?

  1. ScanPan’s non-stick surface is free from PFOA and PFOS and this includes the entire manufacturing process. Other manufacturers might make the same claim but often these chemicals are still used in manufacturing the product. Scan pan is the choice for the health conscious customer.
  2. ScanPan uses ceramic Titanium to create an amazingly durable non-stick surface.

This is not a Teflon product. This surface allows you to use metal utensils while cooking, although dragging a knife across the surface is still not a great idea.  For the pan or knife!  Personally, I still use the kinder utensils.

This non-stick cookware can be put in the dishwasher.  They may experience some fading of the black exterior color after repeated washes in the dishwasher, but this should not affect its cooking surface.  As a personal preference, these are non-stick pans and really easy to clean, I hand wash mine.

ScanPan cookware has a lifetime warranty, so once you get it you have it for life!

Some people buy the cheap non-stick cookware and replace it time after time. Why bother when ScanPan has a lifetime warranty? It is more expensive over time to keep replacing cookware. For that reason, ScanPan becomes the eco friendly choice too. What do you think happens to those old useless pots and pans when you toss them out again and again?

ScanPan Cookware comes in 3 varieties: Classic, Professional and CTX.  For a quick review, visit our Scanpan cookware comparison guide.

Scanpan Classic and Scanpan Professional are much like each other with minor differences.

What’s the same?

  1. They are both the product of a squeeze cast aluminum process. Liquid aluminum is poured into the cast and 250 tons of pressure is added to create a pan that is even heating, has no hot spots and is guaranteed to never warp!
  2. The Ceramic Titanium surface is 10 times harder than steel, so you get a lifetime of non-stick cooking.
  3. They are oven safe to 500 degrees, making them ideal for just about every cooking application.

What’s different between the Classic and Professional lines?  Mostly they look different.

  • The Classic line has a stay-cool, black composite handle that is fastened to the pan without rivets.
  • The Professional line has stainless steel stay-cool handles which are riveted to the pan.
  • The Classic line sports glass lids with metal around the rim to protect from chipping while the Professional line has stainless steel lids.
  • The Classic line has a dark gray interior non-stick cooking surface while the Professional line has a black colored non-stick cooking surface. The color is the only difference as they are of equal strength and durability.

Scanpan CTX

ScanPan CTX is the newest line to make the culinary scene and it was worth waiting for! This Scan Pan stainless steel cookware has a much more complex design and can be used on induction cooktops, hence the higher price.   CTX stainless is a 5 -ply product.  It is a fully clad design. The layers include:  the interior is made of 18/10 stainless steel which is covered with the ceramic titanium cooking surface. This is followed by an aluminum alloy layer, then a pure aluminum layer, followed by another aluminum alloy layer and finally the outside we all see is 18/0 magnetic stainless steel with a satin finish.

This 5 layer design is great for even heating which comes from the three aluminum layers. The clad construction also serves to make it stronger and less likely to warp.

The lovely exterior is a magnetic steel so this is great for induction cooking as well as every other kind of cook top.

CTX features stainless steel lids that have a glass window which allows you to see what’s cooking.  The metal border also keeps the glass well protected from breaking. The lids also feature a little vent on the rim which allow steam to escape without the lid popping up and down.

CTX also features stay cool stainless steel handles that are firmly riveted to the pan. The handles are ergonomic making them comfortable to handle.

Read our recently posted Scanpan CTX review.

Whatever line you choose, you will not regret spending a little more for ScanPan non-stick cookware made to last a lifetime!

  • Tom

    I have used ScanPan pans for years. I have three fry pans and all have been returned a number of times. They work well when new. At some point, depending on use, they begin to fail. Each time I return them it costs around $12. That pan is not available for a couple of weeks.

    I have been advised by ScanPan to try various way to prevent the pans from failing. I add water right after using while the pan is hot. I rinse the pans very thoroughly after each use. I warm the pan prior to adding oil. I never get it very hot and never used anything but plastic utensils.

    If the above seems like a process you would not mind dealing with – ScanPan is for you.


    • MetroKitchen

      Hi Tom,

      Thank you for your comment and your feedback on Scanpan. We'd like to know more about why your pans fail or what you consider to be a failure, so MetroKitchen and Scanpan can help you avoid repeat problems. In 2004 and 2005, select Scanpan items had “bubbles” in their surface after a few uses. Scanpan determined that it was a manufacturing problem and corrected it and replaced pans which had this issue. This could be causing problems with the pans you have. As you already know, Scanpan stands behind all of its products with a lifetime warranty. Can you provide some additional information on the issues you're having with the pan so we can help determine what's going on?

      Feel free to contact us at or via phone at 888-892-9911.

  • Scanpan skeptic

    Hey Ron –

    It seems to me that Scanpan is dancing around the teflon question. As far as I can tell, it is true that the coating is PFOA (and PFOS) free, but the coating is a titanium/ceramic matrix containing teflon (PFTE). They don’t come out and say it directly, but they do say it indirectly on a couple of Scanpan websites.

    Scanpan skeptic

    • MetroKitchen

      We’ve contacted Scanpan to ask them about this discrepancy and will post their response in the comments once we hear back. Thank you for your comment!

  • Vanessa

    Hi Ron. To me, I find a quality nonstick cookware advantageous. Food doesn’t stick to the pans while cooking which makes clean up very easy. You can cook foods with less fat than you would need to use with uncoated cookware. For as long as you don’t bring your pan to extreme high heats, I believe it’s safe. Great blog. Thanks. -Van

  • Ivo

    My experiences with scanpan are not positive. For the third time the non stick layer is coming loose. According to scanpan representative in the Netherlands i am the only one with this prolem, but on the web i see more people with the same problem. The non stick layer bubbles and i lost my faith in scanpan

    • MetroKitchen

      Scanpan items have a lifetime warranty, if an item becomes defective under normal use and proper care. If you purchased the pan from MetroKitchen, we are an authorized seller and can provide a replacement or you may contact Scanpan directly here:

      We recommend using low-to-medium heat, if you aren’t already doing so.

      We hope this helps!

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    Hate to post this, but I have the CTX skillets 11 and 8, and the WokPan. I expected great results, and for the most post they delivered. Yesterday I made an oriental dinner, and one of the treats was ground pork w/Char Siew sauce, served with rice and other stuff. I did the saute in the WokPan, and all went well. Did not wash the pan immediately. Next morning, I found that the non-stick coating had separated in flakes from the underlying metal. Bummer.

    This pan has never been in a dishwasher, and is used only on an induction hob. Cleaning is done exclusively with a plastic fiber brush, no metal scrubbers, and I use only wooden or silicone utensils. No harsh detergents. No chemicals, like Bar Keepers Friend (which I know will destroy Calphalon anodizing because of the oxalic acid content).

    $160 USD down the freakin’ drain. Not happy, me. Seems the only way to preserve the non stick properties is ………………………………….. don’t use the pan to cook anything.