Sharp picks! Wusthof Boning Knives on Sale for April.

Wusthof cutlery on sale for April 2011: 5-inch Classic and Classic Ikon boning knives!

Our “sharp picks” for each month are a pair of Wusthof knives on sale at a bargain price. This month we’ve got the Wusthof 5-inch Classic boning knife and the Wusthof Classic Ikon boning knife. Let’s take a look at each one and see what’s special about each model.

Wusthof Classic Ikon 5-inch Deboning Knife

Wusthof Classic Ikon 5-inch boning knife:

This Wusthof Classic Ikon boning knife has the beautiful Classic Ikon design that is a favorite among knife lovers. The handle also has a killer ergonomic design that feels great and reduces the fatigue on your hand if you’re deboning a chicken or a lot of chops. The handle has a full tang that gives it a weighty, balanced feeling and also makes working around bones much easier.

The edge is sharpened with Wusthof’s new PeTec sharpening method that results in a more perfect edge that can stay sharp for longer. These edges are really razor sharp and they don’t become dull nearly as quickly as older knives.

You’ll notice that the Classic Ikon knives have no bolster (the small mound of metal where the handle and blade meet). This means that you can sharpen and use the blade’s entire edge. The lack of a bolster makes it easier to sharpen knives in some cases.

This Wusthof Classic Ikon 5-inch boning knife is available here at for the low price of $89.95, a difference of $10 compared to the normal price. Check it out!

Wusthof Classic 5-inch deboning knifeWusthof Classic 5-inch boning knife:

You might want to think of the Wusthof Classic boning knife as a simplified version of the above Classic Ikon knife. This knife from Wusthof has the same precision-aligned PeTec edge that’s super sharp and long-lasting. It’s a great knife for cleaning any kind of meat or poultry.

This Wusthof boning knife has a bolster on which you can comfortably rest your thumb and forefinger while you’re cutting. The bolster is a symbol of quality, as it can only be created when a knife is forged.

The handle features a full tang that makes the knife feel balanced and comfortable. It’s also ergonomically-shaped so it fits right into your palm and makes carving and slicing a breeze.

This Classic series boning knife from Wusthof is available here at for $79.95, which is also $10 off of our usual price. Both of these knives qualify for free shipping so if you pick them up now, you’ll save big time!