Soft-shell crabs – All-Clad Electric Skillet Style

Frying soft-shell crabs in the All-Clad Electric Skillet:

All-Clad Electric Skillet

My family hails from New Orleans, home of fabulous food, especially seafood! So, when aunts & uncles come to visit us in Atlanta, what do they bring? Delicious seafood, of course!! When my family came to visit a few weeks ago, they brought some incredible soft-shell crabs…my mom’s favorite! Only problem was, how were we going to fry up 15 soft-shell crabs to feed our huge family? Naturally, with the All-Clad Electric Skillet. We thought of buying the All-Clad Multi-Use 6qt. Fry Basket to use with our All-Clad 6 quart Stock Pot, however, it would take us too long to fry all those crabs! So, we decided to go with the All-Clad 6 quart Electric Skillet instead. It worked perfectly! We filled the skillet up about ½ way full with canola oil. Once we turned the skillet on, the oil heated up in no time at all. We were able to fry all of them in 2 batches due to the large surface area the skillet offers. The crabs were absolutely delicious! One of the best things about the skillet was that we could plug it in anywhere in the kitchen & it was out of the way of the other things we were cooking in our kitchen. The easy to read temperature control kept the oil evenly heated & brought the oil back up the correct temperature when the crabs were added. There was very little mess even though we were frying in oil. The skillet was deep enough to hold the oil & the crabs & have minimal splattering. The lid also worked wonders & enabled our delicious crabs to get nice & golden brown. The best thing about the All-Clad Electric Skillet was the clean-up…it was a charm! Once the power cord is detached, the skillet can go right into the dishwasher for the easiest clean-up ever! It definitely beats attempting to clean those old pesky deep fat fryers!

I highly recommend this skillet to anyone looking to fry yummy seafood like I did, or if you want a classy way to cook eggs for a house full of out of town guests! You’ll definitely do it in style with this All-Clad Electric Skillet!