Fast Chili in an All-Clad Slow Cooker

I had to create this chili fast so I could support my beloved Red Sox. I did it, thanks to my Scanpan Classic 12 inch fry pan and the All-Clad slow cooker and this delicious fast chili recipe. The Red Sox did too!!

Here’s the story: I am the proud owner of a significant amount of antelope meat (yes, of the home on the plain fame). For those of you, like some co-workers who are totally turned off by game, think of the antelope in this way. They are not fed hormones. They live on the plains (truly). So they’re, if you will, the original organic meat. Anyway, moving past that, I had a hankering for chili, since it dropped below 80 in Atlanta. But my regular chili recipe requires some planning (actually finding fresh chiles etc). So, it was all about what’s in the pantry. [Read more…]