Coffee Talk-Capresso Z5 vs Krups 7230/7225

Capresso Z5 vs. Krups 7230 or 7225

Let me first start off by saying that I am not a coffee expert by profession. However, I do have love a good cup of java. The two coffee/espresso machines that I am going to give my review and compare are both great. I’ll start with the Capresso Z5 pros and cons:

Pros: It looks nice, the buttons are smooth to the touch, and it grinds the coffee beans well.
Cons: The display is somewhat lacking for the price of this machine. It is not very user friendly as far as operating it to get more complete brews. It’s also kind of big.

Now for the Krups 7230/7225:
Pros: It’s a good size for small counter tops. The instructional on-screen display guides you in whatever you are making. The buttons and rotary knob are smooth.
Cons: The grind function is noisy.

The two machines both make excellent espressos and coffee. I believe that the flavor of a brew is in the coffee beans. They both give the coffee a nice creme (the foam substance on top of the coffee).

The part that I prefer about the Krups machine is its size. It’s easier to find a counter top spot for it in your kitchen. The Krups machine also has a very informative display. The display walks you through the process of making your desired brew. You can adjust the size of your pour to fit your mug. The Capresso can do all the same things the Krups can do, but you wouldn’t know it until you read through the instructional manuel. Also, if the Krups machine needs a mini tune-up like filling the water tank or cleaning out the coffee grounds, the display shows you how to do it. The grounds also are compacted into mini hockey puck shape pieces, verses just a messy pile like the Capresso. The Capresso just has “terms” in its display. For example, it might just say “System Fill”. That can mean to fill the coffee beans or water. You are going to have to refer to the manual to understand how to use a very expensive coffee machine. Mainl, the Krups does just about everything the Capresso does and costs about a third of what the Capresso costs. If I were to buy one of the two and money was not a factor, I would buy the Krups. If I were to buy on looks alone, I would get the Capresso.