Global 7 inch Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife Review

Global Chef's Knife

In my kitchen, there is one knife that is always being used. As you can imagine, I have a drawer of several top quality brand name knives, but lately the daily goto knife is my Global 7 inch hollow edge Chef’s knife. The main reason this is a favorite knife in my home is versatility. We use this hollow ground edge knife for slicing all our fruits, vegetables, meats and even cheese. The handle is ergonomically designed so it is very comfortable, and such a delight to use.  The santoku-like blade shape and granton edge is designed to makes chopping a snap.

Why are is these knife so great?  Here’s a little background.  Global knives are produced within Seki, Japan in the Gifu Prefecture which has a history of blade making which spans centuries.  Japanese industrial designer Komin Yamada blended Italian design, German durability, and Japanese precision when designing Global cutlery.  Each knife is forged from a single piece of finest high carbon stainless steel from knife tip to end of the handle.  Compared to German knives, Global knives feature a harder steel which is ground to a narrower edge.  The result is a supremely sharp edge which makes chopping easy.  For more information visit our about Global knives feature.

One thing to beware of — there are many counterfeits in the marketplace, especially on auction sites, which is not of the same quality.  MetroKitchen is an authorized retailer selling authentic Global Knives which feature a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

This knife has opened up a whole new world in my kitchen, it is by far the most superior kitchen knife I have ever used for just about any cutting task.  If you are looking to invest in a superior kitchen knife look to this and other Global chef’s knives.  Plus enjoy free shipping on just about every Global knife we carry.