The weekend of wine tasting and testing

It was exciting to get to use some new wine brands. First are the Riedel wine glasses in the new Riedel Tyrol style. We looked at and tried the “O” stemless glasses but didn’t think they felt special enough for wine. Plus, given my gracefulness, I was concerned I would too easily dump wine on my dining partner, not to mention shatter the glass.

Riedel’s Tyrol is a totally different experience. We love their look! The base of each glass is solid with a heavy but nicely weighted feel. It’s just what clumsy people like me need to feel secure. What’s more, they

are appealing because they’re a bit taller.

We like to feel like having a glass of wine is special, even if we’re not celebrating anything and the bottle was under $10!

The other great brand that we used this weekend was the Pek Wine Preservation system. The Preservino will preserve the remains of your bottle of wine for up to 2 weeks! That’s because this system uses the same type of gas that California vintners use to preserve their top quality wine. It uses argon gas, which does not change the flavor of the wine because it is inert. We used the “starter” kit with 1 argon cartridge and dispenser and two stoppers. The Pek Preservation products also include units that chill and preserve.