Tis the season for cookies – All-Clad Bakeware

Christmas CookiesHappy December! You know what that means…cookie time! Besides delicious holiday desserts, the most frequently baked item is the “cookie”. What kind of cookie depends on your family traditions and recipes. Many gather every holiday season and participate in a “cookie exchange.” Bring enough batches of your favorite cookie recipe and trade batches with other bakers. At the end of the event you take home dozens of different cookies. What a treat!

Here’s a list of some great values in bakeware.  MetroKitchen.com will ship them right to your door. Check out the free shipping too!

All-Clad Bakeware

All-Clad Bakeware: New in 2008, these high quality stainless steel bakeware products offer the finest in baking results. The reviews from our customers have provided great insight into how great All-Clad Bakeware products are. MetroKitchen offers a wide variety of All-Clad baking pans including pie pans, baking sheets and jelly roll pans. These moderately priced items will surely last you many holiday baking season and beyond.

CIA Stainless Cooling Rack

CIA Bakeware: This line was designed and engineered by professional chefs, ensuring a pleasing baking experience. We carry many different CIA Bakeware pieces and specialized baking tools Our top seller is the CIA cooling rack,  that has been reviewed and recommended by Cook’s Illustrated Magazine in the past.

Doughmakers: Made in the USA, Doughmakers Bakeware continues to fly off our shelves. Durable, easy to clean,  these baking pans will last a long time in your pantry. We carry several Doughmakers products including pizza pans and muffin tins.

New! Viking Digital Hand Mixer

Viking Baking Tools: Viking offers great baking tools to help make baking easier in your kitchen. We love the Viking Stand Mixer. The Viking Stand Mixer comes with several attachments and is a great addition to any counter-top as a showpiece. The newly introduced  Viking Digital Hand Mixer is perfect for mixing and beating the toughest or finest cookie dough.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Poncho Equihua