Preparing for the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!As the holidays draw near all the cooking that’s about to happen in your kitchen is top of mind. Lots of loved ones will be gathered to feast upon the tasty delights you  prepare for them. While it may be a labor of love for you, it never hurts to double check to be sure you have everything you need to insure all goes as planned.

For me, a list is essential.  Let’s see:

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Great Gift Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Guinness and GuinnessAs St Patrick’s Day approaches a few gift ideas come to mind for the Irish (or Irish wanna be’s) in your life.

One often hears of that famous “Pot of Gold” but green is the big winner! A basil-colored Staub 6 ¼ quart Cocotte is one green pot that can serve many purposes at home.  It wears its green well and looks great on the cooktop even when not in use. The cast iron pot has a durable and beautiful enamel coating. It’s the perfect pot for Irish Stew. This pot is ideal for slow cooked foods that remain tender and juicy. The inside has some natural non-stick properties so when you’re cooking foods over low heat for a long period of time you don’t need to worry about foods sticking to the bottom. This Staub cocotte also doesn’t need to be cured or treated before you use it (other than washing it). Try it for Irish Oatmeal! That’s the real Irish oatmeal, a hearty and tasty beginning to any day. This pot of green will be a favorite for years! [Read more…]

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Kitchen

Mother’s Day has a way of catching me like a deer in the headlights leaving me dazed and confused on what to get Mom for Mother’s Day. For those of you who might be in a similar situation, here are some suggestions for a Mother’s Day gift for Moms who like to cook.

My first suggestion comes from a recent visit to my parents home. I cooked breakfast for myself while I was there and I was appalled at my Mom’s non-stick fry pans. None of them had any non-stick left on them. I bought her a Swiss Diamond non-Stick fry pan. They come in a wide variety of sizes and are covered by a lifetime warranty. These have the best non-stick surface I’ve ever worked with!
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Krups BeerTender B100 Review

Krups BeerTender B100Gulp, gulp, gulp… ahhhhh! Picture this – you are having a get-together with some friends and/or family.  It’s one of those parties that involves a sporting or competitive event.  You know:  the Super Bowl, March Madness, a singing competition finale or the hoops championship.  And the right type of food is being served. “The right type of food,” meaning something fried or grilled.  There’s lots of chatter in the background.  The guys are talking junk. The girls are (thinking here – hang on….) talking junk.  All of this is going on in your home and you’re being a good host.  Everyone is happy and everyone has a draft beer in their hand.  Yes, a draft beer.  Like the pubs, cold and foamy at the top of the glass.  How is this possible you ask?  Well, the Krups BeerTender brings the draught/draft beer to your home.

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Baking for the Holidays

Peanut Butter SquaresHolidays make me feel like a Keebler Elf.  I just love to bake and love baking with quality bakeware.  I really like to watch people enjoy my cookies, especially at Christmas.  And, as a side bonus, when I bake cookies, I never eat them.    Great way to control calories during the eating season!   I eat everyone’s cookies, but not my own.  Probably  because of all of the broken cookies I “test!”

An absolute essential in my cookie baking are easy to clean pans that don’t warp (you know that popping sound you sometimes hear when a pan is not thick enough to handle 350 degrees or more needed for tasty cookies?)   I don’t want to have to worry about pans burning cookies or turning out cookies that aren’t quite done.  I count on my cookie sheets to be consistent.  Of the many brands I’ve tried over 30 years (been baking since I was a kid), I have 3 favorites.  I like each brand for different reasons.   Here’s what I think:

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Oprah® Loves Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Oprah Kyocera Ceramic Knife SetFor our Oprah fans, she picked this Kyocera ceramic knife set as one of her “Favorite Things” for 2010.  The Kyocera ceramic knives she selected are a practical and reasonably priced kitchen essential.   One thing that’s great about these ceramic knifes is that they rarely need to be sharpened.  And, when it finally needs to be sharpened after many many many uses, if you send your knife off to Kyocera, they’ll sharpen them for FREE!

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Tis the season for cookies – All-Clad Bakeware

Christmas CookiesHappy December! You know what that means…cookie time! Besides delicious holiday desserts, the most frequently baked item is the “cookie”. What kind of cookie depends on your family traditions and recipes. Many gather every holiday season and participate in a “cookie exchange.” Bring enough batches of your favorite cookie recipe and trade batches with other bakers. At the end of the event you take home dozens of different cookies. What a treat!

Here’s a list of some great values in bakeware. will ship them right to your door. Check out the free shipping too!

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Kyocera Ceramic Knife Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Kyocera Susan G Komen 5 1/2 inch Revolution Series Pink Ceramic KnifeRecently I got news about a neighbor, young mother,  who found out she has breast cancer. We have boys the same age, so it really hit home. We live in a great community, and all of us got together and decided to act fast and help. We formulated a schedule for the next two weeks to cook homemade meals for our friend after she comes home from surgery. I signed up to make her (well actually for my husband to make) penne ala vodka. Food brings comfort and at the same time we can help someone who cant take care of her family at the moment. Food and cooking brings people together in communities around the world.

It just so happens that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. My dear neighbor did not feel sick or any lumps—they found a one centimeter lump in a routine mammogram. At MetroKitchen, we sell a great product from a great brand that helps to support Breast Cancer Research. [Read more…]

Julie & Julia Cookware from the Movie

Julie & Julia Movie Poster“Passion. Ambition. Butter. Do You Have What It Takes?” That is the tag line for the new movie everyone is talking about, “Julie and Julia”, written and directed by Nora Ephron, and bases on a book by Julie Powell. Any foodie knows this movie is a must see! The movie stars outstanding actors such as Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Stanley Tucci.  The movie follows the lives of Julia Child, the French Chef who was the first widely known television cook. The movie also follows the life of Julie Powell, a New York blogger who became famous for making all 534 recipes in Child’s famous cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”, in just one year.

The silent stars of the movie is the cooking equipment used to cook these grand meals.

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All the Kitchen Tools you Need for Summer Cooking

Memorial Day is the official kick off for summer fun, warmer weather and great summer recipes. MetroKitchen has all the cooking tools you need for summertime cooking.

Outdoor Grilling: Our best selling outdoor grilling tools are made by All-Clad. The All-Clad Stainless Barbeque Tool Set includes four must-have grilling tools and is neatly packaged and stored in an All-Clad metal carrying case. These great grilling tools are dishwasher safe. Get your grill on now! [Read more…]