Kitchen Knife Guide

Wusthof Knife Block SetWhen it comes to kitchen knives, a few are absolutely essential for meal preparation.  This guide will  help you find the right knives and cutlery for your kitchen.

What are the essential knives for your kitchen?

While there are plenty of different types of kitchen knives for different uses, the most important ones are a chef’s or cook’s knife, a paring knife, a carving or slicing knife, and a bread knife. Also, these aren’t technically knives, but a pair of quality kitchen shears and a sharpening steel are both equally important kitchen tools that are worth considering.

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MetroKitchen Toaster Guide & Review


Some things are just special.  To Julie Andrews they included “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”.

To me “smell” can evoke powerful memories. Everyone remembers the smell of Crayola crayons. It is as powerful a memory of youth as anything that exists.

The smell of toast is another one of those smells of youth. The toaster is the simple machine which not only toasts but also makes memories appear whenever you want them.

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Copper Cookware Guide

2008 09 02 173Copper Cookware, especially French copper, evokes thoughts of fabulous foods, wonderful smells and Paris.  Certainly many collect and use it for its beauty.  It does give a warm glow to the kitchen.   For serious cooks, copper is the choice because of its incredible cooking performance.   Of all the metals used to make cookware–aluminum, stainless steel and various alloys, copper is king.  It heats and cools more quickly than other metals (except silver, but that’s a bit too soft and expensive to use for cookware).   The rapid responsiveness of copper cookware means chefs can exercise extreme control over what they’re cooking.  For example, turn off the heat and instantly the heat drops,  food stops cooking, bacon stops sizzling, sausage stops frying, vegetables remain crisp.

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Father’s Day Kitchen Gift Ideas

As Father’s Day approaches so does Summer. It really is time to get serious about locking in on a gift for Dad. For me Father’s Day and Summer are synonymous. When I was a kid and even when my father was a kid the place to be was a barbecue. I have lots of memories of my father working on a barbecue. I was always worried he would over cook my food as I prefer things medium-rare. More often than not,even after numerous reminders, it arrived at the table well done. Today, I am proud to say my dad can actually deliver on a medium-rare request! If you are struggling on what to get Dad for Father’s Day, here a few suggestions from us at MetroKitchen.
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Forged and Stamped Cutlery Review

Forged and stamped kitchen knives each have benefits and drawbacks. They can be difficult to distinguish from each other by just looking at pictures of them on a computer. The features of each type aren’t exactly common knowledge, either. In an effort to clear up some questions about the two, I’d like to cover a few of those issues in this article. I’ll primarily address the differences between each type as well as why someone would want one over the other.Wusthof Kitchen Knives & Cutlery on Sale

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Why is an approval from NSF, the National Sanitation Foundation, important?

John Boos NSF-certified cutting boardsMany of the manufacturers whose products we carry here at, such as John Boos cutting boards and Shun cutlery, list their products with the National Sanitation Foundation for commercial safety. The NSF is a non-profit testing organization that certifies materials used in the construction of products for the food service industry.  The NSF tests materials such as the stainless steel and hardwoods used in products like John Boos cutting boards and Shun cutlery.  Many products must receive this type of certification in order to be accepted for use by the food service industry. [Read more…]

Japanese Knife Style Guide

Japanese knives come in just about as many styles as European knives. Each Japanese knife style has a specific purpose – some similar to Western-style knives, and others not so similar. In this article, I’ll go through the major styles in Japanese cutlery that we carry here at and explain some of their uses and advantages.

Bunmei 6.5 inch deba knifeDeba Knives:

Somewhat resembling a chef’s knife with its curved edge, the deba is unique because of its incredibly thick blade. In use, it works more like a combination of a cleaver and a butcher’s knife. I’ve seen chefs use deba knives for chopping meat, filleting fish, and even for cutting bone. The blade is extremely thick, making it suitable for cutting whole chicken or other meat with small bones. [Read more…]

Popular High-Quality Japanese Knife Brands

Kyocera ceramic knives
Kyocera ceramic knives

In my “Japanese Knife Styles” blog, I covered the different knife styles used by Japanese knife manufacturers, from  “deba” to “nakiri.” There are also a lot of differences between the Japanese knife manufacturers that we carry here at MetroKitchen. In this blog, I’ll point out the benefits of some Japanese knives as well as list the manufacturers that exhibit these benefits.

The knives from manufacturers like Kyocera, Miyabi, Shun, Global, and Bunmei vary in function and appearance. However, the high-quality Japanese brands that we carry here at MetroKitchen each rival the great cutlery by German manufacturers like Henckels and Wusthof. Many Japanese innovations improve upon knife sharpness, edge life, and ease of sharpening. Each brand exhibits different benefits, so read on below to see which brand is right for you! [Read more…]

Dishwasher-Safe Nonstick Cookware

Nonstick cookware makes for easy clean-up. A great reason to buy it! The disadvantage is that most nonstick cookware requires wood or nylon utensils and is not dishwasher safe. When you want durable, dishwasher-safe nonstick cookware, take a look at these brands. Scanpan and Swiss Diamond nonstick cookware are the best and most durable nonstick pots and pans you can find.

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