MetroKitchen Welcomes Wellness Mats

Wellness Anti-Fatigue Kitchen MatCalled an anti-fatigue mat, the Wellness Mat lives up to its name.

A friend who does lots of catering says that her feet and back used to kill her after 4 or 5 hours of standing.  And she’s only 30!  Now, with a Wellness mat, she’s happy (and her husband is very happy because she complains less)    I was also amazed to learn that this made in the USA kitchen product actually helps with posture.  A variety of medical professionals recommend the Wellness Mat to help minimize the stress we put on our bodies when standing for long periods of time.

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Form and Function Meet in Zwilling JA Henckels Twin Profection Knives

Zwilling JA Henckels Profection Chef's KnifeThe brand new Zwilling JA Henckels Twin Profection knives is more than just another line of kitchen cutlery. They are certainly great looking thanks to renowned Italian architect and designer Matteo Thun who designed Profection cutlery. My first impression of these knives had me referring to them as the “Orient Express” of knife lines — a matter of east meeting west in cutlery. Upon closer inspection I have to admit there is more to the story. This is the story of form meeting function in a warm embrace!
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Vitamix Review: More than Just a Blender

Vita-Mix Pro BlenderOf all the many brands on MetroKitchen,  I am certain that Tim Allen of “Home Improvement” fame would be all over Vitamix blenders and food processors. His comic quest for more horse power would lead him on a crash course for an appliance like Vita-Mix.  These machines have 2 plus peak horsepower and the blades spin at 240 miles per hour at the highest setting. These products are built in the USA, in Cleveland, Ohio and are built to last!  There are two models to chose from, the Turbo Blend 4500 and the CIA Pro Series which is comparable to the Vita-Mix 5200 series.
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Henckels Miyabi Knives Review

Miyabi LogoLamborghini, Maserati, Miyabi.   While most will agree that they roll off the tongue easily, most would then sing the Sesame Street tune, “one of these things is not like the others, one of these things does not belong”.   Well, two are Italian sports cars and recently introduced Henckels Miyabi is a line of Japanese knives.   I will agree that they have some striking differences but they all are items that stand for extreme performance! Miyabi is a line of cutlery that is second to none when it comes to performance. These are the sharpest knives I’ve ever encountered and I’d venture to say you’ll feel the same way. The Miyabi 7000 series comes in 3 distinct categories: The 7000D, the 7000 Pro and the 7000MC.  These knives are made in Japan under the supervision of German knife maker, Zwilling J.A. Henckels.

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Scanpan CTX Cookware

Scanpan CTX 8 in. Fry Pan
Scanpan CTX Fry Pan

Scanpan CTX cookware is the first induction compatible cookware line from Scanpan. It is easy to go green with the new Scanpan cookware.

Made in Denmark, the CTX non-stick surface PFOA free, safe for your food and your family. It features  a 5-ply hybrid technology — a fusion of layers of stainless steel and aluminum construction, along with a patented ceramic titanium surface. The exterior is brushed stainless steel, while the interior features ceramic titanium nonstick surface.

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Age Wine in Seconds with the Clef du Vin Wine Aging Tool

Clef du Vin Wine Aging ToolThe Clef du Vin wine aging tool really does age wine!   I was a bit skeptical (well, actually, VERY skeptical) when I saw it demonstrated at a show.    It’s supposed to “age” a glass of wine by one year for every second you leave the key in the wine. I thought, “Yeah, right, like that’s going to happen”. But, stunningly, in 5 seconds the young red wine tasted like it had 5 more years of age on it!

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Wusthof Panini Knife Review | Sharp Pick for October

Wusthof Panini KnifeThis month’s Sharp Pick is the recently introduced Wusthof Panini Knife.  The knife features a sharp, serrated edge that is perfect for slicing through toasted breads while protecting the delicious meat inside.   Like other Wusthof knives, it is forged from a single piece of steel and has in incredibly sharp, long lasting edge.  The slightly off-set handle is designed to protect knuckles and provides optimal leverage during use.   Available in Classic and Classic Ikon (shown) styles, you save $10 on the retail price of  in the month of October.

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