Kyocera Ceramic Knife Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Kyocera Susan G Komen 5 1/2 inch Revolution Series Pink Ceramic KnifeRecently I got news about a neighbor, young mother,  who found out she has breast cancer. We have boys the same age, so it really hit home. We live in a great community, and all of us got together and decided to act fast and help. We formulated a schedule for the next two weeks to cook homemade meals for our friend after she comes home from surgery. I signed up to make her (well actually for my husband to make) penne ala vodka. Food brings comfort and at the same time we can help someone who cant take care of her family at the moment. Food and cooking brings people together in communities around the world.

It just so happens that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. My dear neighbor did not feel sick or any lumps—they found a one centimeter lump in a routine mammogram. At MetroKitchen, we sell a great product from a great brand that helps to support Breast Cancer Research. [Read more…]

MetroKitchen tours new U.S. location for Wusthof Knife

WusthofStacks and stacks of amazingly sharp knives…. Sounds like the scene for a horror flick. No, it’s just Wusthof’s amazing new U.S. headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut.  MetroKitchen had a chance to share in the opening festivities. Wusthof family members from Germany, Wolfgang and Harald, were both on hand to celebrate this significant move. Connecticut Culinary Institute even made a special cake, which of course was perfectly sliced by a Wusthof Classic Chefs knife. Yummy! [Read more…]

Wusthof Classic Ikon 8 inch Chef’s Knife

Wusthof Ikon Knives

Every year there is some new gimmick knife that is supposed to replace all others. For my money, I prefer the Wusthof Classic Ikon 8 inch Chef’s knife. Why this particular knife? There are SO many reasons this is THE knife for me. First off it is truly an icon, truly classic in appearance. The lines are elegant and engaging. This knife will add to the aesthetics of any kitchen contemporary or traditional in design. [Read more…]

Staub Cast Iron Helps Overcome Roux Fears

Making Roux

Roux has forever intimidated me. I always burn it then have to resort to the instant roux. But, for a recent New Orleans-themed celebration, I decided it was time to go for the real stuff.

Great news! Roux is not that difficult. No reason to be intimidated. It takes some time…but not as much as I had thought. It takes some attention and stirring, but again, not a big deal. The real secret to roux success is the right kind of cooking vessel. My 8 qt Staub cast iron cocotte (also called a dutch oven or a casserole) made the difference. Cast iron slowly heats and then retains a consistent temperature. That’s the key to great roux. Previously I had used stainless fry pans and, yes had even tried it with non stick (which really doesn’t work). Staub cast iron is my secret to great and easy roux.

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Global 7 inch Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife Review

Global Chef's Knife

In my kitchen, there is one knife that is always being used. As you can imagine, I have a drawer of several top quality brand name knives, but lately the daily goto knife is my Global 7 inch hollow edge Chef’s knife. The main reason this is a favorite knife in my home is versatility. We use this hollow ground edge knife for slicing all our fruits, vegetables, meats and even cheese. The handle is ergonomically designed so it is very comfortable, and such a delight to use.  The santoku-like blade shape and granton edge is designed to makes chopping a snap.

Why are is these knife so great?  Here’s a little background.  Global knives are produced within Seki, Japan in the Gifu Prefecture which has a history of blade making which spans centuries.  Japanese industrial designer Komin Yamada blended Italian design, German durability, and Japanese precision when designing Global cutlery.  Each knife is forged from a single piece of finest high carbon stainless steel from knife tip to end of the handle.  Compared to German knives, Global knives feature a harder steel which is ground to a narrower edge.  The result is a supremely sharp edge which makes chopping easy.  For more information visit our about Global knives feature.

One thing to beware of — there are many counterfeits in the marketplace, especially on auction sites, which is not of the same quality.  MetroKitchen is an authorized retailer selling authentic Global Knives which feature a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

This knife has opened up a whole new world in my kitchen, it is by far the most superior kitchen knife I have ever used for just about any cutting task.  If you are looking to invest in a superior kitchen knife look to this and other Global chef’s knives.  Plus enjoy free shipping on just about every Global knife we carry.

Coffee Talk-Capresso Z5 vs Krups 7230/7225

Capresso Z5 vs. Krups 7230 or 7225

Let me first start off by saying that I am not a coffee expert by profession. However, I do have love a good cup of java. The two coffee/espresso machines that I am going to give my review and compare are both great. I’ll start with the Capresso Z5 pros and cons:

Pros: It looks nice, the buttons are smooth to the touch, and it grinds the coffee beans well.
Cons: The display is somewhat lacking for the price of this machine. It is not very user friendly as far as operating it to get more complete brews. It’s also kind of big.

Now for the Krups 7230/7225:
Pros: It’s a good size for small counter tops. The instructional on-screen display guides you in whatever you are making. The buttons and rotary knob are smooth.
Cons: The grind function is noisy.

The two machines both make excellent espressos and coffee. I believe that the flavor of a brew is in the coffee beans. They both give the coffee a nice creme (the foam substance on top of the coffee).

The part that I prefer about the Krups machine is its size. It’s easier to find a counter top spot for it in your kitchen. The Krups machine also has a very informative display. The display walks you through the process of making your desired brew. You can adjust the size of your pour to fit your mug. The Capresso can do all the same things the Krups can do, but you wouldn’t know it until you read through the instructional manuel. Also, if the Krups machine needs a mini tune-up like filling the water tank or cleaning out the coffee grounds, the display shows you how to do it. The grounds also are compacted into mini hockey puck shape pieces, verses just a messy pile like the Capresso. The Capresso just has “terms” in its display. For example, it might just say “System Fill”. That can mean to fill the coffee beans or water. You are going to have to refer to the manual to understand how to use a very expensive coffee machine. Mainl, the Krups does just about everything the Capresso does and costs about a third of what the Capresso costs. If I were to buy one of the two and money was not a factor, I would buy the Krups. If I were to buy on looks alone, I would get the Capresso.

Essential Tools for Cooking: Induction Cooking Magic

Viking Portable Induction CooktopToday we have a special guest contributor – Joe Girard from Rouxbe Online Cooking School:

Okay…We are continually asked to talk about kitchen tools and equipment. I know how important this is because there are so many tools out there that cost a heck of a lot of money and many of them are not worth their packaging. So to help you out, we’re going to start talking about the products we use and believe in.

“Essential Tools for Cooking” will focus on two areas. First, on tools that every cook should have in the kitchen. And secondly, we’ll share some great equipment finds that might not be “essential” but they sure can make life easier in the kitchen.

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CIA Baking Sheet

Is it possible for a baking sheet to heat evenly, prevent over-browning, easily release baked goods and not warp over time? I would think that any number of these claims could be undone by distracted or inattentive baker, but these claims made by the Culinary Institute of America about its baking sheets. Dubious, I tested the CIA baking sheet with a batch of turkey and squirrel-shaped butter cookies. Rolling out cookies requires diligence, and despite my best efforts, the first six cookies I cut all varied in thickness. This posed a unintentional test for my new baking sheet. When I removed the cookies from the oven, I saw that some of them browned while the others remained the perfect butter cookie color. However, much to my surprise, the other claims held true. (At least thus far, the sheet has not warped as baking sheets are prone to do.)

CIA Jelly RollIn the price category, this is the best baking sheet I’ve used. I own a number of cheap baking sheets and when I use those, I place a silpat on top of them to make up for their poor baking abilities. On the CIA baking sheet, no silpat was necessary. The cookies slid off the sheet immediately after leaving the oven. Nothing stuck to the sheet, no cookie-shaped oil spots were left behind. While the sheet is dishwasher safe, the manufacturer recommends hand washing, so i did. No scrubbing required. Other advantages of the baking sheet include the three flat sides and one side with a ridge. The ridge allows for easy grabbing of the pan, and the flat sides allow cookies to slide right off the pan. (The truly non-stick aspect of the sheet aids in the cookies sliding off easily, too.) The only added benefit I would wish for on this baking sheet is rubber feet, which I’ve seen on the bottom of some baking sheets so that the sheet can be placed directly on a counter or table trivet-free.

New All-Clad Karahi Pan

All-Clad Karahi Pan

Tying on an apron, turning up my music, and spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking – that’s my idea of a relaxing evening. But after work, I’m hungry, so I like to make dishes that don’t take too long and that don’t require a lot of clean up. My ideal meal can be cooked in one dishwasher safe pot or pan. Recently I discovered a pan that I wish I had found years ago. Known for cooking curry, the All-Clad Karahi pan is versatile and small enough to fit on one burner, as opposed to other bowl-shaped pans that monopolize the stove top. The handles are well-placed, sitting higher than an average pan, and do not grow hot while the pan is on the stove, making it touchable, holdable, and movable without potholders or burning fingers. As to the cooking itself, for my first Karahi pan adventure I stir-fried chicken and broccoli (see this quick and easy recipe below). The stir-fry cooked evenly and nothing stuck to the bottom or sides of the pan. Despite its compact design, I cooked a pound-and-a-half of chicken and two large bunches of broccoli in the pan. It looks small but it cooks large. Like my other All Clad pots and pans, the Karahi is dishwasher safe, which I adore.

Update:  All-Clad has discontinued this item  as of 2009, but we recommend the the All-Clad Chef’s Pan as a comparable alternative.

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