Kitchen Product Reviews

Not only do we pride ourselves on carrying the highest quality kitchen products, we also love to use and test them. Here you will find some of our reviews of new and recent additions to our warehouse including cookware, kitchen cutlery, and small appliances.

Emerilware Cookware for Beginners

by Danielle September 22, 2008

With my mom’s recent move to the South, after retiring from her job…she requested something as a housewarming gift that I never would have guessed she wanted in a million years: cookware. The thing about my mom is that she’s never really cooked before! I shouldn’t say never cooked, but she’s no pro. Her idea […]

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Made in the USA: Marcus cookware

by Danielle July 1, 2008

Update:  As of 2010, Marcus Cookware manufacturer Regal Ware USA, has been re-named it American Kitchen Try-ply Cookware.  The new line features the same tri-ply construction and continues to be made in the USA. Marcus Cookware has arrived and is only sold at select retailers, including Designed by Chef Marcus Samuelson, Marcus cookware offers all […]

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Soft-shell crabs – All-Clad Electric Skillet Style

by Katie May 20, 2008

Frying soft-shell crabs in the All-Clad Electric Skillet: My family hails from New Orleans, home of fabulous food, especially seafood! So, when aunts & uncles come to visit us in Atlanta, what do they bring? Delicious seafood, of course!! When my family came to visit a few weeks ago, they brought some incredible soft-shell crabs…my […]

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The weekend of wine tasting and testing

by Lynn October 29, 2007

It was exciting to get to use some new wine brands. First are the Riedel wine glasses in the new Riedel Tyrol style. We looked at and tried the “O” stemless glasses but didn’t think they felt special enough for wine. Plus, given my gracefulness, I was concerned I would too easily dump wine […]

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Happy Blending with the Viking Hand Blender

by Danielle October 10, 2007

  I was recently passed the “torch” to try out in my own kitchen. What is the “torch” you ask? Well it’s the new Viking Hand Blender, of course! It actually does resemble Miss Liberty’s “torch”, and it also gives new meaning to the word “freedom” in the kitchen, just as the “torch” exemplifies freedom […]

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Cooking with the Viking 13 inch Fry Pan

by Danielle September 28, 2007

Fall is here.For some that means its football season, for others it’s a signal to kick start holiday shopping, but for me it means less grilling and more indoor cooking!I’m so excited to start “cooking” all those feel-good, comfort meals again, and my family is ready to move on from turkey burgers, hot dogs and […]

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