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MetroKitchen Glossary: Cooking Terms Part 1

by Lynn June 11, 2013

MetroKitchen experts often get questions about the definition of a variety of words or descriptions related to cooking. We thought you might find a glossary of cooking terms to be helpful. Since there are soooo many terms, we’ll do a few blogs to make it easy. ​If we’ve missed a cooking-related word that you’ve always wondered […]

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Kitchen Knife Guide

by Ron December 14, 2012

When it comes to kitchen knives, a few are absolutely essential for meal preparation.  This guide will  help you find the right knives and cutlery for your kitchen. What are the essential knives for your kitchen? While there are plenty of different types of kitchen knives for different uses, the most important ones are a […]

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Dear MetroKitchen: What’s the purpose of John Boos Mystery Oil?

by Bobby July 19, 2011
Thumbnail image for Dear MetroKitchen:  What’s the purpose of John Boos Mystery Oil?

Dear MetroKitchen: What’s the purpose of John Boos Mystery Oil?  How often and when should I use it? John Boos Mystery Oil is used to keep wood from drying, cracking and warping.  You may apply Mystery Oil on any wood food preparation surface such as butcher blocks, cutting boards and counter tops.  Mystery Oil is […]

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Knife Sharpening and Honing Guide

by george November 24, 2010

Knives get dull after use. This is a sad fact that’s true with any knife, including ones from manufacturers like Kyocera that are made from super-hard ceramic. You can preserve the sharp edges of your knives by exercising proper use and care, but eventually they all get dull and will need some sharpening. Fortunately, home […]

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Kitchen Knife Care Guide

by george November 11, 2010

Previously, we discussed some tips to picking the essential knives for your kitchen.  Today, we’re covering how best to care and protect your knives so that they last a lifetime. When you buy high quality kitchen cutlery from companies like Wusthof, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Shun, Kyocera, and Global; you’re making a lifetime investment. These knife […]

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Roasters: Our Guide to Roasting Pans!

by Lynn November 10, 2010

It’s the time of year…when SO many thoughts turn to FOOD!  Amazingly, Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away.  Are you ready?  I’m not.  This year, I need to get a real roasting pan.  Here are a few questions that can help you (and me) find the right roaster: How big of a turkey do […]

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What Makes Cookware Induction Compatible?

by Ron May 13, 2010

I am sure by now most of us have seen the Elektrolux commercial on TV that features an induction cook top. During the entire commercial the intro music from Bewitched is playing so prominently that you cannot ignore it. While they feature other appliances I am certain that it is the induction cook top that […]

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My Stainless Cookware is Discolored or Bluish. What do I do?

by Ron March 3, 2010

One of the frequent questions we get here at MetroKitchen customer service is “My stainless steel cookware has become discolored. How can I restore its luminous finish?” Or various iterations of the same question. Before we get into the solution, let’s talk about some of the reasons your stainless steel cookware may become discolored or […]

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Have I ruined my All-Clad pan?

by Bobby September 30, 2009

The MetroKitchen customer service department fields this question quite a bit. Even performing a simple Google search of “burned all-clad pan“ yields several results.  Earlier last Summer, we noticed this tweet from Chef Paola Petrella where she was ready to toss out her All-Clad pan after accidentally burning some pasta! It happens even to the […]

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