New USA Pan Cookware on Sale Now!

We are thrilled with our newest brand of MADE IN USA cookware for so many reasons…..

First, we love that USA PAN cookware is made in the USA, in Kansas.
Second, we love the prices.   They are as good or better than so many other types of “gourmet” stainless steel cookware made in the US and elsewhere.
Third, the rims of USA PAN cookware are designed so that when pouring from the cookware it does not drip like so many other types of pots and pans that we’ve used.
Fourth, the all stainless steel lids, which are also made in the US, are designed with a vapor seal design which helps to keep in flavors of whatever fabulous dish you’re creating.

This superb quality USA PAN cookware also works great on my induction burner as well as on any type of cooktop.  I also love the USA PAN bakeware.  That’s made in Pennsylvania.  Both USA PAN Cookware and USA PAN bakeware are made by a family owned and operated company known for their commercial products.

Try a USA PAN pot or pan today.  We’re confident you’ll appreciate this great made in USA cookware.