Viking Coffee Maker Review

Hot, fresh coffee. I can’t get enough of it. If you’re a coffee lover, you probably feel the same way. Few things are more wonderful than having a fresh, hot cup ready when you wake up in the morning. Morning coffee is definitely the best.

For a big-time coffee lover like me, there’s a handful of tests that a coffee machine must pass before I call it truly great. The Viking coffee maker excels at each of them.Viking 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Machine, Metallic Silver

The coffee that comes out of this machine is steaming hot. It’s easy to get a strong, smooth cup because it brews at a high temperature with fresh, clean water from the built-in filter and removable water tank. Also, the large, 12-cup thermal carafe keeps it hot for just as long as a burner.

If you use a drip machine, you know that you’ve got to get through an entire pot of coffee pretty quickly before the burner starts to cook special brew. With the Viking coffee maker, there is no burner. The thermal carafe keeps your coffee hot all the way to the last drop without the need of any outside heat source. It resists stains and damage as well, because it’s stainless steel. One thing that I love about this stainless carafe is that it’s easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about the carafe cracking, like a glass one. Cleaning out the inside is easy and any residue comes right off with a paper towel.

This coffee machine from Viking also includes a unique, permanent filter. Similar to those long-lasting gold ones, it’s a perforated filter that’s made from stainless steel and there’s no need to buy paper ones. However, you can use this machine with paper filters if you prefer. The only drawback of the stainless steel filter is that it allows a very small amount of sediment from the grounds to seep through during brewing. However, it’s negligible when you’re using coffee with a coarse, uniform grind (which is always best with drip machines).

All in all, the Viking coffee maker is an excellent machine that brews delicious gourmet coffee at the right temperature for the best taste and extraction. It has a metallic silver exterior that looks great and the isolated water tank with built-in water filter ensures that you have clean, fresh water for brewing. It’s an excellent product.

This Viking coffee maker is available now at for the low price of $299.95. As usual, all orders over $49 qualify for free shipping, as well. Order now and enjoy perfect coffee every day!

  • Laran Cone

    I purchased the Viking Coffee maker from Frontgate catalog and I find that it has a major safety problem. The lid is so hard to see the very small closed dot for closed and open dot for open that one morning I was pouring a cup and the lid came off and scaulded/ burnt my hand that was holding the cup. It blistered and is still discolored. I would certainly expect Viking to have a better option for the lid on the coffee pot….easier to use, easier to see (maybe a red dot on the open side), safer for sure. Very disappointed in that feature.

    • george

      We appreciate your comments, Laran. We’ve passed the information on to Viking and are waiting for a response from them. We will post a reply as soon as we receive one.


    • george

      Laran, I received a reply from Viking regarding your comments on the Viking Coffee maker. They have heard your suggestion and are now coming up with a way to make the marker clearer. Thank you for your comments.

  • Cathie

    I’ve had this coffee maker for over a year. Recently, the plastic under where the water cannister sits has bubbled up and is now chipping off. Is there a replacement piece? Seems that a coffee maker of this price should hold up better.

    • george

      Hey Cathie, thanks for your comment. We do not carry a replacement for the part that you’re referring to, but if you contact this company they may be able to help you:

      (313) 563-7550
      1836 Grindley Park Street
      Dearborn, MI 48124

      They are the company handling service and repairs for Viking. Thanks for reading and have a nice day! -George

  • linda Wingate

    What is the BEST way to clean inside of Viking metal pot

    • george

      Hey Linda. We have one of the Viking coffee machines here in the office and normally I just clean it out by hand with soap and water and then wipe out the inside with a paper towel. The coffee residue comes off pretty easily because it’s made from stainless steel. If there is some really heavy residue on the inside that won’t come off, you can use a stainless steel cleaner such as Barkeeper’s Friend or All-Clad Cookware Cleaner and a soft, non-abrasive cloth to clean out the inside and it will get really clean. Hope that helps!